Ariat WSTR Finale: Legacy Ropers

Legacy Ropers are the backbone of WSTR and have supported us since our inception so many years ago.

Legacy Entry Deadline for WSTR Finale XVI Fast Approaching
Details about entry fees, deadline, and schedule.

Legacy Entry form, 2022 Ariat WSTR Finale
Download and print the entry form.

Legacy Definitions

Legacy Roper:
This designation is awarded to ropers who roped in the #10 and/or #9 in 2006 or the #14 in 2007 and have attended a Finale in any of these years: 2018, 2019 or 2021.

New Legacy Roper:
With the Legacy program in our 16th year, we have also extended the program to ropers who have roped at the Finale beginning in 2010 and have entered for 10 consecutive years (excluding 2020). Ropers who have been crowned “champions” at any of the Finales are also Legacy Ropers provided they too have attended in 2018, 2019, or 2021.

Silver Legacy Membership:
This is a lifetime membership provided you are an active roper who is over 70 and has roped in the last three years. What happens if a Silver Legacy roper who hasn’t roped in three years starts to rope again? No worries, we have the list well documented, and we will reinstate the Silver Legacy status for those ropers.

A Legacy roper may invite a guest, as long as the guest has attended a WSTR Finale in 2021, or attends a WSTR qualification event by September 30. Guest entry fees are $2500 (TBAs are $2500 and will only receive a discount later if he/she qualifies, not if a Legacy is named after May 31). A Legacy roper may enter any division he/she chooses. Each year more and more Legacy ropers believe their Legacy benefit carries beyond the deadline and enter late. Entries postmarked after May 31 will be standard direct entries. Entries are considered incomplete until both sides are paid.

Legacy Roper Entry Discount Opportunity:
Price - $2000/Legacy roper, $2500/guest, including TBAs
One discounted entry with standard membership, unlimited for Key Card or Key Card Max Member.
Deadline – No later than May 31

If you have any questions regarding entries or the process, please don't hesitate to call the WSTR at 505-898-1755 or email: