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Posted on Jul 15, 2021
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Bob (Bobby) Felkins (1957 – 2021)


Bob Felkins passed away peacefully on July 4th 2021 with his wife of 14 years Karen Felkins by his side.

Bob loved his ranch and arena and would spend hours at the barn daily, waiting for our friends to show up to rope every night, unless he was at a roping or producing one. He loved his cattle and would sort and resort constantly and knew everyone of them. Bob was a true rancher, buying, selling and leasing cattle and making rope horses.

There are so many stories about Bob, I could write a book.  Bob knew from a very young age what he was going to be and that was a cowboy. At 7 he would take his mom’s bath mat and use it to ride to friends houses in Chandler and rope. He had a few odd jobs throughout his life but were very short lived. I always said that “if it didn’t have hair on it don’t let Bob touch it.” At 16 he decided he was going to Cheyenne to rodeo, so he hitchhiked across country to go. Shortly after that he started competing in riding bareback horses. Bob made the Turquoise Circuit in 1984, Mountain States Finals in 1987 and Wilderness Circuit Finals in 1988, all in bareback riding. His highlight then was being the featured cowboy, at Jackson Hole Rodeo and to ride the featured bareback horse for President HW Bush in 1987 and won Jackson Hole Rodeo that year. He rode bareback horses then started team roping where he became a winner.

Bob was a regular fixture at all roping including WSTR VII Finale and ended up 8th after coming back as high call in the #10 with Tombo Kaufman.

Bob had so many friends and family that supported him throughout his rodeo years. He was a very lucky man and will be greatly missed.

Private family burial is planned, but we are having a “Celebration of Life Memorial Roping for Bob Felkins on August 22nd, 2021 at Linden Arena.  Please come and share your stories doing what he always wanted to do ROPE.

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