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Posted on Apr 18, 2020

Announcements Sunday April 19

Announcements Sunday April 19


Practice Pen Qualifier Update


1.     Effective Sunday, April 19, all runs for the Practice Pen Qualification will be flagged on the header, normal roping rules. Please film horizontally beginning to end and make sure both the header and heeler are in full view at the end of the run. Please get them straight and tight, hold your dally’s momentarily.

2.     There will be no Practice Pen Qualification on Monday, April 20 or Tuesday, April 21.

3.     Practice Pen Qualifiers will resume on Wednesday April 23, and run through Sunday, April 26 or as long as stay-at-home orders are in place.


Re-Opening of Regular Qualifiers


1.     RE-OPEN PLAN – Clearly public opinion is changing, food lines are getting long, stimulus checks did not arrive, and the public does not agree with what politicians think is non-essential. The heat is on the nation’s Governors and will greatly intensify in coming weeks. We anticipate that some of the states will REOPEN in early May. Some contractors are already violating the stay at home order with ropings in some states.

2.     As stay-home restrictions are lifted in your roping area, regular WSTR Qualification ropings will be announced and resume.  This may affect the availability of the Practice Pen Qualification in your area.  Obviously, we will give ample notice for termination of the Practice Pen Qualifiers in each area.

3.     Prior to opening any roping events we will have approval of local officials and will have a safety plan in place to protect all contestants as much as possible as the COVID threat lingers.


In one short week we have many of you back competing, having fun, and qualifying ropers for Vegas!  We have been happy to provide this opportunity to you, we look forward to getting back to normal competitions, and may limit the PPQ more and more as we move into May. Thanks to all of you who are participating and congratulations to all of you who have already qualified through this program! Good luck!


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