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Posted on May 5, 2017
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Pete Woolsey 1940 - 2017


Celebration of Life for Pete Woolsey

Wednesday, June 14th at 12 Noon

Prescott Resort & Casino in Prescott, AZ

Our buddy Pete Woolsey, of Dewey, Ariz. passed away April 20, 2017 at home. He was born in Safford, Ariz. April 25, 1940 in Safford, Ariz. A Gathering of friends will be held at a later date.


Following is a part of the Spin to Win article “meet roper” piece that ran in 2011. Gives you a little glimpse of Pete and why everyone thought so much of him.


Claim to Fame: My family. I've got a boy and girl, Rube and Skeeter. They like my lifestyle and I got to grow up with them and watch them both be successful. I'm getting to watch my grandsons, Rube Jr., Nolan and Garrett, follow our footsteps. They're the joy of my life and my claim to fame.

Rope of Choice: They've got to be real limber because my shoulder is wore out. Some of my younger friends tell me I rope with a kid's rope.

Biggest Win: In 2010, Dan Narramore and I won $90,000 for 3rd in the #10 at the World Series Finale. It was hard for me believe. At my age, I remember ropings that if you cleared $20 you broke the bank. Now they have million dollar ropings and we get to rope at a couple hundred thousand and that boggles my mind. Glad I got to see it.

Best Horse You Ever Rode: I had a little sorrel horse I got off the racetrack from John Bassett. I called him Gunner. I had lots of people try to buy him but he wasn't for sale.

Favorite Roping: I've always loved the old fairgrounds at Prescott. I love that arena and that atmosphere. It's been like that for as long as I can remember and I've been around a long time.

Why You Rope: I don't know. I think you just got to love it. I was born and raised on a ranch and my dad was a heck of a hand with horses and a cowboy. I always liked riding young horses that have a lot of potential. I'm not going to quit until I can't win.

Competition Philosophy: I've never worried about other people. If it's a four-steer roping and you go do your job and somebody beats you, they outdrew you or outroped you. I don't worry about what anybody's number is. That ain't for me to determine. I just try to tend my own business. I'm pretty good at roping where I belong. I've got to keep practicing and riding good horses.

Real Job: I'm retired. I've always been in the horse/livestock industry. I always told everybody I was a professional athlete, that way I didn't have to have a job.

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