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Posted on May 1, 2016




4.0  TRIAD CLASSIFICATIONS - WSTR utilizes the TRIAD classification system which is owned and operated by United States Team Roping Championships. By utilizing TRIAD classifications WSTR is able to accept USTRC memberships at WSTR ropings, and USTRC accepts WSTR memberships at their ropings. WSTR operates a classification office which acts as a laison between WSTR members and TRIAD.  The WSTR classification office monitors the raising and lowering of TRIAD handicaps as they apply specifically to WSTR members. In addition, WSTR facilitates first time handicaps, appeals and double numbers for WSTR members directly with TRIAD. WSTR classifications are synced with TRIAD handicaps and any change with a TRIAD handicap changes correspondingly with WSTR.  When a WSTR member’s classification changes, notification will come from a TRIAD representative by phone, certified mail, regular mail service, or in person.


4.1  Sportsmanship - WSTR reserves the right to disqualify any roper who does not act in a sportsmanlike, reasonable, or professional manner. Disqualified ropers forfeit all fees.

4.2 RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE AND DRAW-OUT TEAMS – WSTR reserves the right to refuse service or draw-out any team for inappropriate conduct, conflicts with management, or any other disputes that cannot be settled prior to an event.

4.3 DRESS CODE – Finale Events -  Cowboy attire is required at the Finales in Las Vegas, and Heartland Ropings. Cowboy attire is defined as shirts with a sewn on collar, full buttoned front styling, with long sleeves (sleeveless shirt not permitted) and cowboy boots or approved laced cowboy shoes with a heel. Ladies attire does not require sewn collars or full sleeves, but should be in good taste. Men and women must wear a cowboy hat or no hat, ball caps not permitted..

4.4 DRESS CODE – Qualification Ropings -  Shirts must have a collar and at least two buttons for men. The collar rule does not apply to ladies, but attire should be in good taste. Men must wear a cowboy hat or no hat at all WSTR qualification events. Caps will no be permitted, however, contracters/producers may wave the hat rule during inclement weather (excessive wind, rain, etc).  At qualification ropings ladies are permitted to wear style caps, and event caps, but are not permitted to wear corporate caps.

4.5   Home Videos - Recording for personal use will be permitted, however, in any event where commercial video services or live internet feed is offered, public usage is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized reproductions, internet postings or commercial sales of home videos is strictly prohibited.

4.6   Photography and Video Release - By payment of membership in or entry into a WSTR Finale or qualification event, ropers grant permission to the rights of their image, likeness and sound of their voices as recorded on audio or video tape without payment or any other notice or consideration. These images may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and ropers waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein their likenesses appears. Additionally, ropers waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of a image or recording. Material may be used for diverse promotional and educational purposes within an unrestricted geographical area.

4.7  Major Offenses - Quarreling or fighting in the arena. Mistreatment of livestock. Misrepresenting or falsifying a classification number. Attempting to fix, threaten, bribe, influence or harass any WSTR official at any time, in or out of the arena, or arguing with a judge at a time when an event is in progress. Engaging in, or attempting to engage in, any action threatening, berating, harassing, intimidating, assaulting or striking a roping official, a roping spectator, any official representative or employee of the WSTR or any WSTR Contestant.

4.7.1 Penalty for Major Offenses - Ropers attempting to fix, threaten, bribe, influence or harass any WSTR official at any time, in or out of the arena, or talking with a judge or timer while an event is in progress will automatically be disqualified, forfeit entry fees, and face potential disqualification from future events at the discretion of a WSTR officer..

4.8 Up and Back – will be permitted at qualification ropings.

4.9 Failure to compete in short round - A team who fails to compete in any short round is automatically disqualified from the aggregate and thereby forfeits all money, prizes, related to the aggregate.

4.9.1  Roping out of order – or missing a short round constitutes immediate disqualification.


5.0 Unconditional Release


Full and Unconditional Release for Participation

PARTICIPANTS HAVE READ AND VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO THE RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT and further agree that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made. Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc., aka World Series of Team Roping has the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason it deems necessary, including but not limited to classification issues.  Questions or concerns should be directed to the WSTR Office at 505-898-1755.

Each participant is fully aware, completely understands, and accepts that participation in the Event, whether as a contestant, independent contractor, employee, volunteer, exhibitor, sponsor or spectator, is dangerous and that the events and activities associated with, relating to, arising out of, and concerning this participation present substantial, serious, and real risks of personal injury or death to the participant, and the loss of, damage to, or destruction of the participants personal property including livestock. 

In Consideration of being permitted to participate in, enter upon and use the South Point Hotel and Casino and Equestrian Center, and associated facilities, Coast Hotels and Casino Inc. dba Orleans Arena and its parent and affiliated entities, and associated facilities for the event of the World Series of Team Roping and its individual events, the participant for himself/herself and all persons under his/her management and control including minor children, does acknowledge the dangers inherent in horse related events, and in the use of the facilities, fully and completely accepts and assumes these substantial, serious, and real risks whether or not apparent, known, unknown, foreseen, unforeseen, present, or contingent, and whether or not caused by any negligence of the Released Parties, or the negligence of any contestant, volunteer or spectator including but not limited to, any negligence associated with the design or designing, staging, supervising, maintaining or in any way presenting, conducting or sponsoring the Event, further does agree to use extraordinary care and prudence in his/her activities and those of charges, and does:

HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND COVENANTS NOT TO SUE the organizers or any subdivision thereof, chairmen, agents, officials, and does;

HEREBY AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS Gaughan South LLC dba South Point Hotel and Casino and associated facilities, Coast Hotels and Casino Inc. dba Orleans Arena and its parent and affiliated entities, Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc., dba World Series of Team Roping, its sponsors, its agents, servants, employees, and representatives from any claim, demand, or liability for personal injuries or property damage arising from participation or use and enjoyment of the event and facilities.  ROPERS YOUNGER THAN 21 NOT ELIGIBLE TO ROPE IN THE #13, #12, #11,  #10, #9, #8. Parents of ropers younger than 18 who participate in the #15 acknowledge the full and unconditional release for participation for their child.

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