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Posted on May 1, 2016




2.1 JUDGES PARTICIPATION – Flag passing is not permitted. Producers shall not permit FFlaggers to rope in a roping event he/she is flagging unless there are rotations, and another flagger is available to flag an entrie rotation where a flagger is participating.


2.2.1  JUDGES CONTROL – The field Flagger has an obligation to control the domain within the boundaries of the arena.


2.2.2  JUDGES DECISION, QUESTIONING A CALL - A contestant may request a Flagger to explain what a call was, however, this explanation is not a discussion or debate and the roper should immediately exit the arena after receiving the explanation. The Flagger has performed his/her function of making the call. Any question or further discourse concerning the call should be addressed directly to the contractor/producer immediately. The decision of the field judge is NOT final, the event contractor or WSTR official after studying all the information has the right to override a call they believe is incorrect. If the contractor/producer’s decision overrides that of the Field Judge and that ultimate decision results in the awarding of purse monies, the producer is required to inform WSTR of that decision and the circumstances surrounding that decision.


2.3  SURRENDERING A RUN - If in the opinion of the Field Judge one or both members of a team stops competing during the course of a run, the Judge has the right to stop the run and disqualify the team.


2.4 PROBLEM HORSES - If a roper has had the opportunity to enter the box and can neither get the rope horse in the box, nor bring the horse under control while in the box, and in the opinion of the Judge this situation has become excessive (holding up the roping) a three strike notice will be given. If the roper does not call for the steer on the 3rd attempt the Judge has the option of declaring a no-time on the run. The Judge will give the roper an option of accepting the no-time or drawing out of the event and receiving a refund. No refund will be offered if this situation occurs in the short round.

2.5 CALLING FOR A STEER - Steer belongs to the ropers when called for by the header. Except for mechanical failure the team accepts the situation “as is” regardless of what happens.


2.6 DECLARING A STEER OR PULLING UP – During the course of the run, if the roper is visibly fouled or can visibly see that he/she is, or will be fouled, he/she must declare by PULLING UP or attempting to pull up and not try to go on with the contest. If the roper does not declare by pulling, up he/she accepted the situation as it occurred.

2.7 ROper touches the ground - A team will be disqualified if at any time during the course of a run a roper touches the ground.

2.8 CONTESTANT Disqualifications - A. Being under the influence of liquor and/or illicit drugs in the arena; consuming alcoholic beverages and/or illicit drugs in the arena; B. Rowdyism or quarreling within the arena; C. Mistreatment of stock; D. Not being ready to compete when called upon.

2.9 WS BARRIER will be required at all WSTR events. A 5-second penalty will be added for beating the barrier. The penalty for beating the heel barrier will always be the same as the penalty for beating the head barrier.

2.9.1 HEADER BARRIER EYE – shall be set at 9 feet from the headers butt bar, unless box construction prevents those measurements.

2.9.2 HEELER BARRIER EYE – shall be set at 11 feet from the heelers butt bar, unless box construction prevents those measurements.

2.9.3 STEER BARRIER EYE – shall be set at 9 inches from the end of open chute gates. Contractor is permitted the option of setting the steer eye up to one and one half feet from the open chute gates in some 13, 15 and higher ropings based on cattle speed.

2.9.4 LENGTH OF HEAD START – contractors are instructed to adjust the placement of front chute to allow the majority of cattle to be turned at the halfway mark of the arena, based on cattle speed.

2.9.5      HEIGHT OF ELECTRIC EYES - Height of barrier shall be from 32 to 36 inches, with the exception of angle eyes.

2.9.6 BARRIER/TIMER MALFUNCTION - Should a barrier/timer malfunction during the natural course of a competition either for the roper or against the roper, the Field Judge may offer the option of awarding a rerun or removing the barrier penalty. (The steer need not be qualified on to receive a rerun.) However, there shall be no question or disagreement that this situation occurred.

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