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Posted on May 1, 2016





1.1 Loops – Roping a steer without turning the rope loose will be considered no catch. Roper must dally to stop a steer. If steer is roped by one horn, the roper is not allowed to ride up and remove the loop or put the loop over the other horn or head with his/her hand(s).


1.2 Legal Catches – There are only three legal head catches: 1) Around both horns; 2) Half a head; 3) Around the neck. If the hondo passes over one horn and the loop over the other, the catch is illegal. If a loop crosses itself in a head catch, it is illegal. This does not include heel catches. Any heel catch behind both shoulders is legal if the rope goes up heels. All bridle catches are considered illegal.


1.2.1 Questioned Catch – Any questioned catch will be decided by judge(s). If a field judge, aka Flagger tells a header to hold a steer so that the Flagger may inspect the head catch, and the header does not do so, the team may receive a no-time.


1.3 Time Taken – Time will be taken when the steer is roped and secure between both partners and both horses are facing the steer with ropes dallied and tight. Both horses front feet must be on the ground and ropers must be mounted when the time is taken. The steer must be standing up when roped by its head and heels. Time is taken when the flag is dropped, however, that time is not official until indication is given by the Flagger or Field Judge to the timer or secretary. The Flagger may flag a team out after the time is taken on a run, based on an illegal head catch or illegal heel catch, the steer was not secure or any other factor that was not clear when the time was taken.


1.4 Tie On Rule – Age for men heelers will be 55 years and older for 5 elite and lower heelers, will be 60 years old for any roper #6 and higher. Birthdays that occur anytime during the membership year are valid on January 1st of the roping season. Female heelers may tie-on with no age restrictions.


1.5 Cross Fire – will not be permitted. Animals must be in tow before the heel rope is released.


1.6 Heeler Ropes Front Foot – if the front foot or feet come out of the heel loop prior to the header facing and thus calling for time, the time will be counted. The Flagger, i.e., judge will not allow an extra time for a front leg to come free.


1.7 Header Ropes Any Leg – should a header rope any leg, it’s an automatic no time. Under no circumstance will be the header be allowed to fish-out the leg.


1.8  Dropped Rope – A dropped rope that must be recoiled is considered a thrown rope.


1.9 Arena Clear – Should a team call for a steer before the arena is clear, and are subsequently interfered with by the steer or team still in the arena, this will not be recognized as interference and they shall NOT receive a rerun.


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