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Posted on Mar 26, 2009
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Finale II (2007)

Cactus Ropes #14 Pro-Am Champions


Finale II (2007) Cactus Ropes #14 Pro-Am Champions

This was the first year for the Pro-Am Roping and no doubt would have filled to capacity, however WSTR was closely monitoring stall reservations and cut off entries for this division when the stall barn was filled. Future Hall of Fame jockey, G.R. Carter and high school roper Cody Doescher, both of Oklahoma City, put three seconds between themselves and the rest of the field to hold the high call position and win $80,000 with a 32.76 on four steers. Surprisingly, very few of the teams in this division seemed to be playing the average game. Many of these talented rodeo hands were throwing the bomb and taking quick corner shots, which equated to a soft Pro-Am with the last position in the average being 40.88 (unheard of in #14 ropings around the country).

In his follow-up interview G.R. Carter was singing the praises of the Priefert No-barrier set up. “I have always been an aggressive header and the barrier has been a nightmare for me. I got to rope on this system last summer in Ruidoso and I couldn’t wait to get here and get behind it. It allows me to just focus on roping”!  Carter achieved another goal earlier this year when he filled his PRCA permit his first time out in the steer tripping at Guymon, OK. Carter said, “Now I have one of the prettiest buckles around, so my new goal for 2008 is to be a forty year old PRCA Steer Tripping Rookie of the Year”.

Seventeen-year-old Cody Doescher just continues to add wins to his resume. Last year he won the National Junior Team Roping Championship, and became the first heeler to win the World Series #14. Cody said, “we practiced our four World Series runs at home all week last week and every single time we won the roping. G.R. thought I was just kidding.” After that comment, Carter added, “I took him over to see his first NFR and he told me he would be down in that arena in a few years, and I really don’t doubt it for a second”!

Only two teams that missed in the short round were fast enough to claim three head consolation checks. The biggest move in the short round was Moe Bracken and Craig Branham who moved from 26th to 9th on a 7 second run. The biggest moves for big checks were Steve Dismuke and Shawn Harrelson moving from 10th to 3rd, and Kelly Cheatham and Chance Kelton moving from 18th to 8th.

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