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Posted on Mar 26, 2009
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Finale II (2007)

Priefert #11 Finale Champions


Finale II (2007) Priefert #11 Finale Champions

On face value you would think that the $150,000 win was a predictable outcome, since Jared Udy, Newton, Utah and Bill Stewart, Woodruff, Utah, had the fastest time in the first round and short round. But to be honest Greg Miller and Bret Layne, Modesto, CA had roped three 9’s in a row, they were high call; this was their roping to win or lose, and obviously they didn’t make it.  

But don’t single out Miller and Layne, this roping absolutely fell to pieces. How bad was it? Fifty-six teams made the short round. Jacobs and Greenough roping in the 44th call back moved all the way to 19th, a move of 25 positions. Brown/Waggoner moved from 41st to 19th, Wilson/Neutzling from 35th to 17th, and Ewing/Ewing from 28th to 11th.

But back to the real story of Udy and Stuart. Here are two modest ranchers from Utah, by their own admission just strong family guys, that stay on the ranch and rope as their recreation. Jared who also ranches in Idaho, won a trailer at the Northwest Regionals back in the 90’s but doesn’t consider himself among the usual winners. Fall is a busy time for Jared and his wife Emily, ranching and raising a daughter 14, and boys 9 and 7. The boys have a drawer full of roping dummy buckles and his family enjoys and really supports his roping habit. Jared was quick to think of his family of supporters who were taking care of his chores while he was gone. But he pointed out that his in-laws all thought he was crazy for roping during this time of year. Before the roping he harrowed the snow into the sand and practiced in 20-degree weather.

Jared said he was thankful for the Welcome Roping, “My young horse was really acting up and not caring for Vegas much, so I switched to my old horse before the Finale and it worked out well. The whole Las Vegas experience was really an eye opener. And that barrier was neat, it really let a lot older gentlemen get competitive in the middle of the arena. I am certainly glad we got to come.”

On the subject of winning, Bill Stuart lets out a big belly laugh, suggesting that this hasn’t been one of his best years. Bill said, “I have been a little cold lately and was worried about wasting Jared’s money. Before we left my brother turned me six head and I only caught one. Then I missed the first steer in the Welcome Roping, I was starting to get that bad feeling. It didn’t take long to go from maybe a bad roping year to one of my very best ever.” In talking to Bill he is extremely proud of his family. He and his wife Cindy have four kids, a daughter and three boys, who all “kinda” rope. Bill said, “That night I put my new buckle by the bed so that when I woke up I wouldn’t think I was dreaming. Sure enough I woke up three or four times. My wife assured me that I wasn’t dreaming.” He also said, “ I have a friend named Reed and before I left, I offered to let him have half my winnings if he would pay my fees, he called yesterday and said he thought the check must have got tied up in the mail and should be arriving any day.”

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