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Posted on Mar 26, 2009
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Finale I (2006)

Priefert Trailers #11 Lo-Am Finale Champions


Finale I (2006) Priefert Trailers #11 Lo-Am Finale Champions

The #11 World Series Finale on December 2nd paid $570,000, with the a first place check of $150,000 going to the team of Dave Carlile, Olney Springs, CO , and Jerri Gilbert, also of Olney Springs.  A total of 59 teams successfully roped three steers and entered what would have to loosely be considered a “short round”.  A tremendous number of teams took no time through the majority of the short round as most took turns shooting at the $10,000 in short round money. But things tightened up within the top 10 with nearly every team posting a time.

The 2nd high call team of Lane Wall (Hempstead, TX) and D.R. Mahurin(Brazoria, TX) put  pressure on Carlile/Gilbert with a 8.42 short round run. Carlile and Gilbert who entered in the top spot with a 9.87, 9.38, and 7.80, responded with an 8.16 to take the big checks. Dave Carlile who has been roping for roughly eight years was surprised when he heard they were high call, “ I knew we would be up close to the front but was shocked when I heard we were high call, you have to be faster than that at most #11 ropings in our country”.  Carlile said the problem with the size of the last round was it gave him plenty of time to start sweating and shaking.  But said, “ on the other hand it also gave me plenty of time to rationalize it all, I told Jerri that we need to enjoy this since we probably would never be in this position ever again”. Dave added, “ I’m a Christian so you know I thank god for all of this, my family, good partners, and by the way, you guys are going to have a hard time keeping this roping a secret.”

Jerri Gilbert felt there was a lot of luck involved with the short round run, “ the cattle were soft and our last steer was a little wild, and I had to stay aggressive. I think the outcome could have been a lot different if we had drawn a puppy and had time to line up and take a dead lay at him. I don’t do well on those kind of steers, in fact I was humbled the next morning when I missed my first steer in the #10.” When pressed for his feelings Gilbert waxed philosophical , “ I have to be honest,  I hope this is sign that things are looking up for me. Since my father passed away back in 04 I really haven’t been winning, my business went belly up, and I went through a divorce. I was just about one more wreck away from being a country music song. I’m still numb and in disbelief”.

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