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Posted on Mar 26, 2009
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Finale II (2007)

The Bloomer Trailers #10 Champions


Finale II (2007)The Bloomer Trailers #10 Champions

The #10 World Series was not quite as soft at the #11 Finale, but extremely close. Three of the top five teams missed which let Max Vincent and Phil Jennings from Oklahoma move from 10th  call back to 2nd in the roping on a 9.68 second run. The difference in moving up eight spots was $12,500 to $75,000. Billy and Bear Pipes were sitting in the catbird seat roping their first two in 9’s, a third in 10, and a short round of 11.08 to win it all by a full three seconds over second place. From second down the times ran from 43 to 57, with the two final checks being paid on two legs.

This roping really epitomizes that saying that “you’re not out until your out.” Forty two teams came to the short round and with that said 40th call David Moore and Joe Yonan moved to 19th in the average with a simple little 11.75 run. But the biggest move of this roping went to the Canadian team of Wayne Blatz and Monty Gertner moving all the way from 30th to 10th in the average.

As one of the four owners of Bloomer Trailers Billy Pipes said he really didn’t even think about the fact that Bloomer was the roping sponsor until someone mentioned it. Billy’s primary business is a paving and grading company in Las Vegas. Billy said, “It is just so neat the support that I am getting from people I saw here. The first two that came up and congratulated me were Bob Feist and Rich Skelton”. He said, “Even more special was that I won this with my son. I won a Shoot-Out in Oklahoma three years ago with my son Buck, so winning this with Bear was icing on the cake. I came here last year and roped badly but still told everyone it was the best roping I had ever been to. If I felt that way last year, you can imagine how I feel now.”

We asked him about his big grey horse, Roanie. Billy responded that every horse has a story and certainly Roanie has his, “He is the best horse I have ever owned, but as a colt I tried to sell him for $250 dollars, even tried to trade him to my horseshoer for shoeing and he wouldn’t agree. A funny story, I loaned him to Shelly Granzine at the Reno Invitational and she won second with Manuel Gonzales. They voted him head horse of the roping then discovered he was a crop-out paint and took back the AQHA award.”

It has been quite a year for Donnie Pipes (aka Bear) from Temple, TX, Marketing Manager of Duster Trailer Conversions. On September 22nd he took the big plunge and married sweet Kami. If any of you can remember how nervous you were on your wedding day, then you can understand his next statement. Donnie said, “ I pulled my hat down and was really focused. After being so nervous during the wedding in September, the short round really didn’t seem that stressful.” We asked him about the name, and he said in rodeo and roping circles he is known as Bear, but professionally it takes too much time to explain. We noticed the business cards all read “Donnie”.

He said, “I’ve always been a header, so dad and I never roped together much. Dad won a Shoot-Out with Buck a few years ago, so I feel like I’m cutting in on little brothers’ action.  Buck and I roped together at Sam Houston State, but never made the college finals, so this was a big treat.  I just started heeling about a year and a half ago, and anyone that has switched from heading to heeling knows what my last year was like. I recently bought a horse from Johnny Phillips that really fits me and I think it helped. There just aren’t that many people that have ever won $75,000 in one team roping, and this buckle is great”!  

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