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Posted on Aug 2, 2009

Complaints and Praise Here!

All Comments Removed After Seven Days

Every qualification roping draws a few comments good and bad. Of course the expectation is that every roping will be "perfect". Putting on a perfect roping is possible if we only talk to the winners, but since we have to talk to everyone---welllll , no ain't happening. Are we responsible if you have an un-fun experience. Of course!

From the old days with 90 plus sanctioned ropings and over 200 grassroots or affiliated ropings, I can say without a doubt there will be great and disappointing qualifiers. For those of you that have been around the block a few times, we are assuming two things. First, a bad qualifier is not going to discourage you from attending qualifiers of other contrators, and probably not discourage you from wanting to come to Las Vegas. Second, a great qualifier will not guarantee that the next one will be the same.

If we only produced the Vegas Finale each year, chances are most ropers in the U.S. would have great things to say about us. And we truly believe we have the ability to fill the Las Vegas Finale with direct entries and NO qualifiers at all. But we strongly believe that we need qualification events to allow every roper in the country the opportunity to participate in the Finale if they desire. If that is to happen then we need qualifiers, and if we have qualifiers there will absolutely be quality control issues from time to time.

Here are the facts as we see them, 1) the best paying ropings in the country attract more ropers, 2) expectations have risen with the team counts and the money, 3) cattle quality expectations are always high at $150 per man 4) large herds of good roping steers are getting harder and harder to find. 5) contractors willing to produce quality ropings for 20% stock charge are not that readily available, 6) contractors that can give you great cattle and quality productions for 20%, should be highly valued.

So I am happy to see praise when you think a contractor has done well, and happy to air your complaints when you think the contractor missed the mark. There are a couple of rules, we will verify your comments before allowing them up, we demand a certain code ( no curse words or highly inflammatory statements), we will not allow your comment if you have posted a fake usename/email and , YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE LISTED FOR ONE WEEK AND THEN REMOVED.

Connie and I will time and again fight for good qualifying ropings in your area, and schedule so that hopefully you have an option every month. If you like or dislike the options we are providing, here is where you can tell the whole world.


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