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Posted on Jul 8, 2021

13.5 Heartland Finale in Hamilton, Texas


“It has been a long time coming!”

As ropers, we are all drawn to the sport for the sheer need to compete and the love of team roping. Many times, when you are at a World Series Qualifier, you will not only see familiar faces and friends in the arena that you will compete against, but you will see roping producers, wanting in the action too. For the most part, roping producers are active ropers that still need to get their fix in between hanging banners, sorting steers and dealing with broken water lines at the stalls. At the #13.5 Heartland Finale in Hamilton, Texas this past weekend, one of the biggest WSTR producers finally connected for the win.

“I’ve been putting on these ropings for what, sixteen years now?” Said Troy Shelley. “I have never come close to winning a Heartland Finale. It has been a long time coming!”

Troy and his partner Kent Shankles, who also qualified to the short round with his other partner, cutting horse trainer TJ Good, came to the short go in the second high-call position. The California native fence contractor Dan Denmark and rope horse trainer Clay Logan were in the top spot, but Troy and Kent put the heat on them with a solid run of 7.18 in the short-go. Denmark and Logan had to be a 7.82 for the win but ended up taking a little more time and stopped the clock with a 9.46 which still earned them second-place honors and $14,000 along with prizes. Troy and Kent ended up with the win, a check for $20,000, Cactus Saddlery Saddles, and Gist Silversmith buckles.

The #13.5 Heartland had been rescheduled due to a scheduling conflict in the spring, and was a huge success during the last weekend of June. The roping had 101 total teams and paid out $80,800. To date, The Heartland Finale ropings have paid out $896,000 along with prizes. If you want a part of the action, make sure you check out the five Heartland events we have left for the year. Hope to see you all there!


  • July 15-18        #11.5 Heartland                   Stephenville, TX            Shelley Productions
  • Aug 6-8            #12.5 Heartland                   San Antonio, TX            Mathews Land & Cattle
  • Sept 3-6            #8.5 Heartland                    Hamilton, TX                  Shelley Productions
  • Sep 23-26         #9.5 Heartland                     Abilene, TX                   Shelley Productions
  • Oct 22-24          #11.5 & #9.5 Over 40          Hamilton, TX                 WSTR

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