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Posted on Jun 9, 2021
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Lenny Paddy Edsitty 1978 - 2021


It is with great sadness that we lost our brother, father, son,  and grandson Leonard Paddy Edsitty; also known as "Leo & Lenny". He was born June 10, 1978, he was from The Mexican clan (Naakaii Dine'e) and born for The Sleep Rock People Clan (Tsenabahilnii) Leo was born in Gallup, nm and raised in Haystack, NM by his mother Nita Edsitty and his father Vincent Edsitty. Leo died Sunday, May 30, 2021, in Albuquerque, NM. Leo's Sisters were Bernatina Yazzie, Bernita Yazzi, Philena Yazzie, Philestina Yazzie, Phylicia Yazzie, Philean Yazzie, and his brother Philip B. Yazzie. Leo was a father to five children; Hunter Edsitty, Winter Edsitty, Vincent P. Edsitty, Vantisha Vandever, and Landrick Navajo. He was preceded in death by his late sister Alicia Martinez, brother RC Martinez, maternal grandparents  Betty Martinez of Bluewater, NM and grandfather the late Henry Martinez of Haystack, NM. paternal grandparents were Mary and Jimmy Yazzie of Haystack.

Leo was well known by many people throughout the roping industry. he traveled state to state alongside his late brother RC Henry. They went to places such as Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Mississippi, Illinois, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, California, and Texas. They always had their crew with them which were their sisters Crystal Martinez, Colette Martinez-Mazon, Coleen Martinez, Phylicia R. Yazzi, Autumn Martinez, Nicola Martinez-Collins, and their brothers Dustin Martinez, Paddy Martinez, Darcey Charley, Carlton Charley, etc... They were the guys who set up the arena early in the morning for practice and jackpot ropings. the stories we would hear from all their trips were always the best to hear. They always had something to tell. Leo was the jokester no matter who it was he would say what he thought and laugh. Leo never just walked by you if he knew you he made sure he said "hello." Leo was RC's right-hand-man if it came to the decisions making they would get together and talk it out. No matter what, Leo always made sure his sisters were taken care of when he was on the road. His children were his pride and joy. He loved his children so much he would do anything for them. When it came to his mom, Nita and dad, Vincent, he made sure they had everything they needed as far as going grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and hauling hay or the livestock at home. 

Leo loved to rodeo and his passion was roping; heading and heeling. He always had many other ropers who were willing to team up with him no matter if you were female or male he made it happen. Leo loved riding the horses with his siblings and his children. Leo was well known by many in the community and all different places. 

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