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Posted on Jun 2, 2021

Memorial Heartland 10.5

When it comes to the big money over this past weekend, the 10.5 Heartland Finale put on by Mathews Land and Cattle in San Antonio, Texas was definitely worth the fees. The Heartland had 195 teams entered which added up to $156,000 in cash to be paid out bringing the annual Heartland payouts to nearly $700,000. The Champions of the day were Aldo Serna and his partner Robert Bustamante.


With an 8.29 needed to take the lead and being one spot out of the “money holes”, the team turned up the pressure for everyone else with their fastest run of the day - a 6.89 in the short go. Although the short round didn’t fall apart per se, the team struck hard and fast from the 9th high call position to split just shy of $36,000. Serna and Bustamante took the win and also went home with trophy Cactus saddles and Gist buckles.


Over 10% of the teams competing in the 10.5 Heartland got a minimum of their fees back and the 9th high call team won the roping. Unlike the normal qualifiers, two holes were paid in each of the three full long-rounds plus the fastest time in the short-go that didn’t place. The fast time on two also gave ropers an added chance at a paycheck even if the wheels fell off on one steer.  Eight teams got paid in the overall aggregate, seven teams won fast time checks, and five teams got a piece of the two steer (due to a tie for 4th). To put it into perspective, 8.5 seconds on each steer won the roping and 9.5 seconds per run split $5,100.


Congratulations to everyone who took home a check last weekend at all the WSTR and other team roping events. Memorial Day Weekend is always one for the books and this year was no different. Great fun was had, memories were made, and our heroes were remembered. This is what it is all about and why we love this game.


To date, Heartland Events have paid out $680,800.

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