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Posted on Apr 23, 2021
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Gerry Stamps 1950 – 2021

 Gerry Stamps  1950 – 2021

Cow Boss


Gerry Stamps, was born February 13th, 1950 in Childress, TX and passed away mercifully on April 13, 2021.  He had resided at a nursing facility in Harwood, TX, for the past two years as a result of a series of devastating strokes.


Gerry had the opportunity at a very early age to join the family business and follow in his fathers’ footsteps, but his love of cattle and horses pulled him in another direction. He took a job in his early teens with Erby Willmoth, one of the larger cow traders in eastern New Mexico and the Texas panhandle. By the time he reached his early twenties he owned his own cattle pre-conditioning lot, and ran a branding operation for various large feedlots. Gerry was fascinated with all the old cowboy remedies for doctoring cattle and gained a reputation for concoctions that saved the walking dead.


The horse business was his other passion. He loved breeding and showing paint horses. Every horse he bought was the best one he ever owned. He fancied himself a horseman, but his friends would privately tell you NO, he is cowman. He proved that later on when he started breeding and introducing highlander/corriente crosses to the roping community. He loved steer tripping and placed at various PRCA events in the region. His steer tripping led to team roping and Gerry gladly furnished steers, horses and played host to nearly every team roper in the Clovis, NM area for decades. The door was always open to the youngsters, oldsters, and rodeo hands.


His love of horses and cattle finally found its outlet when he, with the help of his friends Willie Patterson and Pow Carter, started Flash Roping Productions in 1990. They put on jackpot ropings in NM and the Texas panhandle and very quickly received the contract for a start-up roping association called the United States Team Roping Championships. His duties expanded with the growth of the USTRC and in short order Gerry could not supply enough cattle. He began contracting cattle and labor for at least a dozen major events each year and took pride in his title of “Cattle Boss”.  He was the boss to large production crews and was an important part of the growth of the early roping industry in the 1990’s and into the 2000’s.


In the middle of bossing huge ropings all across the United States, he never failed to include his pride and joy, son Kyle. It was a yell that anyone of the hundreds that worked on the roping crews, heard dozens of time each day, loud directives were given to “Kyle Brandon” but it was generally meant for everyone. Kyle thought dammit was his first name and took it well because he knew, dad was good for all the horses, practice cattle and entry fees that a young man could ever want. They never failed to compete in any roping they worked.


Beyond the arena, and privately Gerry was a very attentive and loving grandfather and great grandfather. He took great pride in his family.

Gerry is survived by his daughter, Geri (Justin) Massey and son, Kyle (Paula) Stamps, two stepdaughters, Kwana Taylor and Tara Hill; five grandchildren, Ryen, Trysten, Summer, Kyla, and Kenzie. Four great grandchildren, Laurel, Kieran, Rosalee, and Luke; Five step grandchildren Treylee, Kaxton, Raiden, Calby and Harlee.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Otis and Lillian Stamps, brother Larry, and granddaughter Bryntli.

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