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Posted on Dec 28, 2020

News For Finale XV 2021


When the cancellation of the 2020 Finale occurred WSTR offered ropers who were, or had been, entered qualification status which provides them the opportunity for a discounted entry and puts them first among all other members of WSTR for 2021 for stall and hotel options. These efforts were to accommodate those existing entries as much as possible and keep all those contestants in a priority position for everything associated with the event. On this website under “Forms,” you will find a newsletter that gives a full description of Who is qualified for discounted entries. The discounted entry price of $2000 is very financially advantageous; the direct entry fee is $2500/roper. You don’t want to miss your discounts by following the Qualification, Accumulated Earnings, Legacy, or Silver Legacy entry deadlines.


Special Circumstances:

1)    If You Had A PAID Entry and Drew Out Before the Finale Cancellation – You are considered to be qualified and may re-enter as long as it is done by January 29, along with all those who qualified between Oct. 1st and Dec. 31st.

2)     ROLL OVER ENTRIES – these entries that were rolled from 2020 to 2021 are discounted and GENERIC!

3)    REFUNDED AND HAVE CHANGED YOUR MIND – With the disappointment of the cancellation of the Finale many were quick to get their refund and decided not to roll their entries to 2021. Since then, with the value of the discount and generic status, some have requested re-entry. These ropers can take advantage of the “roll-over” qualification discount but must re-enter no later than JANUARY 29.

4)    SIX ROTATION CAP – All Finale divisions will be capped at six rotations this year. This is notification that some late year direct entries may not be accepted this year.

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