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Posted on Apr 26, 2020

Practice Pen Qualifier WINNERS


Thru April 25th, 2020


Congratulations to everyone, we love seeing winners from every state and Canada and can tell from the videos you are having fun!


Keep in mind these key things as you continue to qualify:


Cut off times are 10.5 – 40, 9.5 – 45, 8.5 – 55.

Please start your camera in horizontal mode if possible.

Hold those dallys for just a moment so our Flaggers can make sure duals or single.

Teams are flagged on the Face – so keep the whole team in your camera view.


Entries were light to moderate this week, we expect players on Saturday and Sunday. Our apology in advance, but we only have the ability to handle 200 teams per day . At 10 minute average per video, that is pretty much all our staff can handle and not go past midnight. Here is some entry reminders:


Entries for the PPQ are open Wednesday thru Sunday: Entries close when we reach 200 teams in a day, OR until 8pm Mountain time, whichever occurs first. When entering, if the day is not available for selection, you know the entries have closed.


Please help you secretaries – if you are entering multiple times in the same division, on your text, please indicate, Entry 1, Entry 2, etc.


Thank you, good luck this weekend!


10.5 42.05 Jason Burson, Sealy TX/Polo Cavazos, Bellville, TX

10.5 38.81 Clay Ryon McKinney, /Jake McKinney, Pecos, TX

10.5 44.80 Zac Watson, Joshua, TX/Jonathon Talsma, Grandview, TX

10.5 37.93 Gary Crispe, Keenesburg, CO/Luke Kosorok, Fort Lupton, CO

10.5 36.6 Cody Reynolds/Keavin Franklin, Buna, TX

10.5 35.92 Shane Harp/Kelly Tuley, Red Oak, TX

10.5 44.02 Bobby Albertson, Victor, ID/Dex Maddock, Congress, AZ

10.5 42.44 Billy Lodermeier, Tuscola, TX/Craig Moore, May, TX

10.5 44.16 Mac Fairey/Eric Randle, Moody, TX

10.5 39.80 Leah Wilkerson/Keith Wilkerson, Duncan, AZ

10.5 39.99 Grant Gilreath, Gallup, NM/ Jerome Sangster, Yatahey, NM

10.5 34.11 Billy Ray Williams, Jourdanton,TX/Lwayne Bedford, New Baden, TX

10.5 37.40 Jake Grubbs, Caldwell, ID/Marco Rodriquez, Nyssa, OR

10.5 38.11 Kelcey Pinkert, Lubbock, TX/Randy Rangel/Andrews,TX

10.5 39.75 Charlie Weeks, Scio, OR/Tony Graham, Slayton, OR

10.5 33.24 Caleb Kerby, Saluda, SC/ Jody Heyward, Prosperity, SC

10.5 39.39 Roger Hutcheon/ Chancy Slaugh, Vernal, UT

10.5 37.34 Daren Lowry/Hunter Lowry, Auburn, CA

10.5 38.70 Danny Massengill, Hamilton, TX/ EJ Roberts, Comanche,TX

10.5 35.60 Derrick Bell, Harmony, NC/Clint Humphries, Lincolnton, NC

10.5 34.26 Granger Insco, Bentonville, AR/Chad Amos, Gentry, AR

10.5 39.14 Chad Knight, Pima, AZ/Clifford Reidhead, Safford, AZ

10.5 34.26 Levi Gallegos, Marana, AZ/Adam Wright, El Paso, TX

10.5 33.38 Tony Anderson, Worden, MT/Cody Smith, Beach, ND

10.5 38.81 Joe Wood, Meeker, CO/Kash Atwood, Meeker, CO

10.5 36.75 Jared Wood, Gypsum, CO/Brett Watson, Meeker, CO

10.5 37.80 Michael Wilson/Ky Hash, Henderson, NV

10.5 36.46 Jace McDaniel, Jonesboro, AR/Dustin Murphy, Jonesboro, AR

10.5 38.30 Zach Day, Moscow, KS / Coulter Croft, Copeland, KS

10.5 39.21 Swaize Lee, Brownfield, TX / Michael Raney, Lamesa, TX

10.5 39.39 Heston Jenkins, Marlin, TX / Dustin Knowles, Mexia, TX

10.5 37.65 Marty Okamura, Middleton, ID /Silas Shippy, Caldwell, ID

10.5 37.44 Mitch Rogers, Claxton, GA/Charles Shook, Leicester, NC

10.5 39.46 David Lewis, Mount Ulla, NC /JW Baucom, Carthage, NC

10.5 34.22 Jess McGinley, Brenham, TX / Neal Wood, New Ulm, TXz

10.5 34.56 Clay Burnham, Paradise, TX / Casey Burch, Newark, TX

10.5 35.73 Wrangler Hernandez, Winnsboro, TX/ Colby Green, Terrell, TX

10.5 39.58 Gage Ford, Angleton, TX / Chad Crisp, Angleton, TX

10.5 39.02 Megan Knight, Pima, AZ / Dennis Lines, Pima, AZ


9.5 37.47 Keith McGuire, Tilden, TX/Justin Mack, Santa Fe, TX

9.5 44.95 Wacy Slaugh, Vernal, UT/ Chancy Slaugh, Vernal, UT

9.5 43.39 Kerry Jackman, Thermopilis, WY / RD Karney, Wickenburg, AZ

9.5 40.35 Derrick Bell, Harmony, NC/JW Baucom, Carthage, NC

9.5 40.08 Dane Robinson, Thatcher, AZ/Dallin Brown, Pima, AZ

9.5 38.01 Dusty Breedlove, Everton, AR/Dustin Murphy, Jonesboro, AR

9.5 45.81 Dean Duty, Hardin, TX/Jesse Favors, Cleveland, TX

9.5 41.38 Silas Shippy, Caldwell, ID/Ben Eels, New Plymouth, ID

9.5 44.87 Mitch Rogers, Claxton, GA/Russ Gibson,Manor, GA

9.5 43.29 Jaci Garijo/Jeff Garijo, Winnemucca, NV

9.5 43.29 Kelsey Pinkert, Lubbock, TX/Allen Bounds, Shallowater, TX

9.5 41.38 Brad Waldon, Littlefield, TX/Ashton Waldon, Lubbock, TX

9.5 42.45 Matt Kosorok, Erie, CO/Luke Kosorok, Fort Lupton, CO

9.5 44.94 Cody Edinger, Meeker, CO/Kash Atwood, Meeker, CO

9.5 45.46 Roy Wasson, Sweeney, TX/ Neal Wood, New Ulm, TX

9.5 36.09 Clay Ryon McKinney/Clay McKinney, Pecos, TX

9.5 43.80 Tibbs Tihbodeaux, Stoneville, NC/Ty Norris, Trinity, NC

9.5 42.77 Casey Griffith, Meeker, CO/Joe Wood, Meeker, CO

9.5 36.46 Kiley Streeter, Palisades, WA/ Bud Streeter, Palisades, WA

9.5 38.33 Lara McCombs, Edwards, MO/ Gus Evagelopoulos, Calgary, AB

9.5 44.28 Ryan Frei, Overton, NV/ Zach Frei, Santa Clara, UT

9.5 41.01 Dave Boyles, New Plymouth, ID/Kat Pelroy, Hines, OR

9.5 38.05 Heath Armstrong, San Angelo, TX / Jake McKinney, Pecos, TX

9.5 44.51 Clay Ashby, Asheboro, NC / Randy Brown, Ruffin, NC

9.5 43.48 Garrett Long, Manhattan,MT /  Dalton Carr, Manhattan,MT

9.5 42.30 Brooks Knight, Pima, AZ/ Kevin England, Solomon, AZ

9.5 41.36 Jason Heard, Ball Ground, GA / Scott Stoker,  Dawsonville, GA 21


8.5 52.73 Randal Barmore, Pecos, TX/Clay McKinney Sr., Pecos, TX

8.5 41.40 Brandon Williams/Billy Ray Williams, Jourdanton, TX

8.5 44.13 Brad Nuckles, Jonesboro, AR/Dustin Murphy, Jonesboro, AR

8.5 47.92 Jason Knight, Central, AZ/Kevin England, Solomon, AZ

8.5 49.56 Lara McCombs, Edwards, MO/Bobby Albertson, Victor, ID

8.5 50.26 Tom Krupinski/Steve Wilson, San Tan Valley, AZ

8.5 48.52 Gayle Blackman, Molalla, OR/Brad Boultinghouse, Toutle, WA

8.5 46.03 Jared Wood, Gypsum, CO/Joe Wood, Meeker, CO

8.5 49.22 Terry Perry, Terrell, TX/Josh Patton, Terrell, TX

8.5 53.28 Antionette Smith, Coolidge, AZ/Preston Porter, Collidge, AZ

8.5 45.78 Jacky Brown, Tuscola, TX / Chris Orr, Stephenville, TX

8.5 39.42 Mitch Rogers, Claxton, GA / Jason Wamba, Statesboro, GA

8.5 54.89 Betsy Shivers, Kosse, TX / Trey Shivers, Magnolia, TX

8.5 49.17 Shelly Moore, Mount Vernon, MO/Jack Moore, Mount Vernon, MO

8.5 41.25 Travis Stapleton, Paul, ID/Trevor Stapleton, Burley, ID

8.5 54.56 Clay Ashby, Asheboro, NC / Brandon Shaw, Sophia, NC

8.5 35.40 Nawny Jones, Lamoille, NV / Tyler Wolf, Elko, NV

8.5 53.90 Bart Miller, Rigby, ID/ Israel Butt, Blackfoot, ID

8.5 48.26 Reed Tuttle, Amarillo / Leo Campbell, Amarillo, TX



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