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Posted on Mar 26, 2020
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Cody Roy Hendren 1991 - 2020


Cody  beat the sunrise on November 17, 1991 in Santa Fe N.M. to two feet of snow.  He passed away at Windmill Ranch in Ancho, N.M. on February 10, 2020 doing what he loved at 28 years of age. 

Born into a ranching family who’s traditions of raising and caring for good horses and cattle trace back to Ireland and to his Navajo and Kewa ancestors who procured them as soon as they came to this country.  Cody was the living embodiment of what it means to be a “Cowboy.”  He dedicated every day to becoming the best horseman and stockman he could be with vigor and enthusiasm. He brought joy and happiness everywhere he went.  From birth he was horseback with his father.  At age three John Blackshire gave him his first horse “Sparky” and with that good horse he became Shane’s right hand man hunting and catching wild cattle. 

Cody was home schooled during his elementary years so that he was free to travel the country with his father.  He learned to make jewelry selling his first piece at age 4 and would go on to become an accomplished jeweler winning numerous awards.  His jewelry is featured in books and museum collections.  He would attend golf camp every year as a child and won many awards golfing.  But his heart was always with the horses.  Cody was 9 years old when they moved to the Albuquerque’s South Valley.  Always-industrious Cody would go from house to house seeking work cleaning yards and anything to do with horse.  He was a member of the Pajarito 4H Club until he aged out.  He befriended his neighbor Larry Hicks who took him in and started him team roping.

Once he had his own rope horse he would ride to Isleta Pueblo every chance he got to rope with the Eddie Torres and his family.  They took him in as one of their own and did everything they could to cultivate his roping dreams.  In the Valley, Jose Lois and Marybeth Perez Soto at Tonaya Farms employed him to help start Dressage horses and exposed him to the European riding traditions.  Cody soaked up all he could from anyone about horses and how to help them realize their potential. 

Cody to was realizing his potential in the rodeo arena.  As a youth he competed in every event winning the All Around at Magdalena’s Old Timers Reunion Rodeo 5 years in a row.  He would become the NMJRA Year End All Around Champion in 2009 along with all event titles.  His final year of New Mexico High School Rodeo would see him earn the State Reserve Saddle Bronco Riding Championship and qualified him for the High School National Finals Rodeo in Gillette WY in 2010 representing his High School South Valley Academy and the State of New Mexico with honor.

That same year he accepted a Rodeo Scholarship from New Mexico State University and would become the Grand Canyon Region College Rodeo Saddle Bronc Riding Rookie of the Year.  It was during this time that Cody would take a job riding horse for Josh Armstong that resulted in him becoming an AQHA Professional.  He also met and was embraced by the Castro family in Vado N.M. who taught him their Charro Traditions.  Joining the Castro’s Charro Team Emiliano Zapata, which resulted in Cody becoming 2012 National Charro Champion Bronc Rider, the team was the National Champions and the 2017 National Charro Champion Bullrider, the team was the National Reserve Champions. 

July 2, 2011 at the Smokey Bear Stampede in Capitan N.M. Cody had a bronc flip on him nearly costing him his life.  This did not disused him from his passion for horses and cattle.  He would go to work on the Four Daughters Ranch until cattle prices reached an all time high and every wild cow in the country was a great payday.  Known for his abilities as a fearless cow hunter Cody would spend nearly two years catching hundreds of wild cattle across New Mexico.  His reputations as a cowboy reached far and wide and would take him to Cameron Texas where he went to work for Scarmardo Cattle Co. 

It was here that Cody Roy blossomed as roper with the help of Richard Gonzales and numerous other cowboys he befriended.  He would go on to win Ricky Cantons Calf Roping Series, become the 2016 Ultimate Calf Roping Champion and win the Ranch Bronc Riding at the Houston Livestock Shows Ranch Rodeo to name but a few of his accolades.  It was during this time that he fell in love with Steer Tripping and professed that he would one day qualify for the PRCA Steer Roping Finals like his hero Richard Gonzales.  He put his plans on hold returning to N.M. to help his father and sisters during their time of need.  Cody loved his family more than anything and would do anything for his sisters.  His return was a blessing, because he would meet the love of his life Janessa Guerro. 

Tim and Jana Muncy embraced Cody at their ranch encouraging him and supporting him in his endeavors.   It was while working with Tim and Waddy that Cody began to see a future for himself as a rancher. 

There was not a bronc he would not ride or a wild bull to big to rope he was fearless.  Never afraid to set a goal and go for it Cody constantly pushed his comfort zone.  He was known for his great sense of humor always making people smile and laugh.  He had impeccable manners and treated everyone he met with love and respect.  If there were a job to be done he would do it.  He would jump in and help anywhere he could.  Cody helped many a stranded motorist broke down on the side of the road.  Numerous hitchhikers have found their ride with Cody.  Countless homeless have received a meal or a drink from him.  He always tipped his hat to a lady and would give her his chair.  He could sit for hours and talk with the elderly.  He helped any child who needed help.  Anyone who knew him loved him. 

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