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Posted on Mar 12, 2020

2020 American Cowboy Results

The 2020 American Cowboy #12.5 and #10.5 divisions completed on March 7th and 8th at AT&T Stadium. Many smiles and thankful ropers all the way around for those who were fortunate to make the final performances of the big rodeo. The WSTR did not fail at giving team ropers a white-knuckle experience they won’t soon forget. The first two places in each roping were collected on mid 8 second practice pen runs. All total the #12.5 American Cowboy paid X in prepayments and X to the winners. This was the second year for the #10 American Cowboy event and although it did not hit the same numbers as the 2019 event, it did pay non-finalists $104,000 and the Finalist won $244,000, for a total of  $348,000. The #12.5 American Cowboy paid non-finalists $38,200 and the Finalist won $59,600, for total of $97,000.


RFD and the Cowboy Channel are designed to show the world what rural America is really about. The announcers didn’t delve into that too much on Saturday, but on Sunday Joe Beaver lead the charge in explaining “cowboy golf” and its impact on the western world. Rodeo was created from the local matches and jackpots of different events and certainly we understand why giving the glimpse into our recreation, was a glimpse of rural America and the origins of rodeo.


We have no word at this point if RFD will want to continue this program.  We will make a public announcement once the decision is made. Thanks to everyone who participated during the 2019 roping season.


#12.5 American Cowboy

1st Buddy Reed & Hamp Conlan $16,500

2nd  Chad Walker & Doug Schmidt $11,500

3rd  Kirby Hill Cody & Gantt $8,500

4th  Braxton Wade & Kyle Medcalf $4,500

4th  Jorge Jauregui & Marrufo Gilberto Porras $4,500

4th  Chad Childers & Ran West $4,500

Finalist received $9,600 prior to The American.



#10.5 American Cowboy

1st Octavio Espinoza & Erick Alvarado $56,000

2nd   Kelcey Pinkert & Randy Rangel $38,000

3rd  Randal Reid & Luke McClymond $30,000

4th  Justin Turner & Seth Schafer $22,000

5th  Teddy Kreger & Michael Angell $18,000

6th  Dempson Munda & Glen Ekker $16,000

7th  Kelli Barnett & Jim Bynum $10,000

7th  Chad Simmons & Coleman Simmons $10,000

Finalists received $44,000 prior to the American

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