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Posted on Feb 10, 2020

One Heartland Down, More On The Way!

 It was tremendous start to the 2020 Heartland season, with over 200 team for the largest 9.5 Heartland ever! Our #9.5 Heartland happened to fall on a very cold Saturday morning in Hamilton, TX, but that didn’t stop 203 teams from entering the first Heartland of the year. On Saturday, January 18th, Mike Manore from The Woodlands, TX and Jason Grimm from Hockley, TX showed stamina and grit as they won the #9.5 Heartland with a time of 39.04 seconds on 4 steers. As 3rd team back with a solid short round time run of 9.52 seconds, they had to sweat out the top two teams who ended up missing their steers and giving them the overall win. This South Texas team took home $33,900, Gist Silversmith buckles, and Cactus Saddlery Saddles. Overall, we gave away $162,400 dollars to the winners, not including prizes. Congrats to everyone who won, and we will see you at our #14.5 Heartland in Stephenville, Texas on Valentines Day!

Here are Future dates:
February 13th, Stephenville, TX    #14.5
March 7th, Hamilton, TX            #10.5
March 29th, Hamilton, TX        #8.5
May 24th, San Antonio, TX        #10.5
June 5th, Hamilton, TX            #12.5
July 18th, Stephenville, TX        #11.5
September 7th, Hamilton, TX        #8.5
September 27th, Abilene, TX        #9.5

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