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Posted on Apr 2, 2020

Heartland Update and Schedule

Rob Swaim, Tilden, TX  and Clint Harkness, Sealy, TX pulled off one of the biggest wins of their career in the Hamiton Heartland 12.5. The 12.5 Heartland paid $185,000 with the winners splitting $39,500. Swaim has been on fire for nearly two weeks roping really well in San Antonio. The first three Heartlands produced over $300,000 in winnings at the beginning of the season  and was on track for a record 2020 season before COVID. However with this big outing at Hamilton it looks like team ropers are trying to catch us up. The total is well over the half million dollar mark by June 6th, and if we can average $100,000/per event on these final five, it would be amazing to lose three months and still hit the big $1 Mil.


Here are the Heartlands remaining, hope you can make one!


June 29 Hamilton TX                         #8.5
July 18 Stephenville                           #11.5
Sept 5 Hamilton TX                            #13.5
Sept 27 Abilene TX                            #9.5
October 24 Hamilton TX                   #11.5

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