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Posted on Oct 5, 2020

Heartland Starts 2021 at Quarter Million!

October has always been a great month to rope, but the USTRC Finals usually dominated that time slot. This year with their change of date it didn’t take contractors from the region any time to fill this gap. The special qualifier produced by WSTR in late October was a great roping and certainly did its part to give ropers options. But most unique to this event was the two Heartland Championships, a #11.5 and #9.5 over 40. Combined they paid $250,000, for a huge launch of the 2021 season!


The big winners in the #11.5 Justin Turner, Noble, OK and Seth Schafer, Millsap, TX. Winners in the 9.5 over 40 were Bobby Cody, Hugo, OK and Brandon Kirk Gee, Clayton, OK. Each team split a little over $30,000, so Oklahoma had a good roll exporting $45,000 of the first place money out of Hamilton.


It no doubt will be another great season, see you at the following Heartlands:


Jan 23 Hamilton TX 9.5 

Feb 18 Stephenville TX 14.5 

Mar 6 San Antonio TX 10.5 

Mar 28 Hamilton TX 8.5 

May 30 San Antonio TX 10.5

June 4 Hamilton TX 12.5 

June 25 Hamilton TX 13.5 

July 17 Stephenville TX 11.5 

Sept 6 Hamilton TX 8.5 

Sept 26 Abilene TX 9.5 

Oct 23 Hamilton TX 11.5

Oct 24 Hamilton TX 9.5 Over 40 WSTR

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