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Posted on Jul 18, 2020

Heartland Hits $1,102,400, One Remaining!


It took a little creative scheduling to get those lost three months of Heartlands back in place. It turns out we didn’t really need to add a couple of extra Heartlands for COVID. If you have been totaling as we have gone through the year here is how is the season has transpired: 14.5 - $73,600, 13.5 - $143,200, 12.5 - $185,600, 11.5 - $175,200, 10.5 - $94,400, 10.5 - $127,200, 9.5 - $162,400, 8.5 - $140,800……at this point our Total is $1,102,400 for 2020, with one Heartland #9.5 left September 27th in Abilene. There is a 11.5 Heartland scheduled for October 24th in Hamilton, TX, but that roping will counted in the 2021 season which begins on October 1st.

On September 5th the 13.5 Heartland was held in Hamilton, TX. Keith Hobizal of Needville, TX and Shawn Belknap or Alvin, TX blitzed the field with a blistering 29 second aggregate.  They were over two seconds faster than second place, for $34,400.  Hobizal had a huge weekend winning the 13.5 WSTR qualifier with Steve Ross, before hitting the jackpot in the Heartland. Keith pretty well came out of nowhere in 2018 and has steadily climbed in ability each year. His partner Shawn Belknap has been a fixture in the Texas roping community since 2003, but says this is the biggest check so far.

Sept 27 Abilene TX                            #9.5
October 24 Hamilton TX                   #11.5

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