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Posted on Apr 2, 2020

Heartland Make Up Plans

Seems like its been awhile since the Louisiana team Chad Cliburn and Rickie LeBlanc won the 10.5 Heartland in San Antonio.  We were looking so good, that roping paid $94,000 putting us over $300,000 on the first three Heartlands. So at this point we surely will miss our annual Million dollars for the Heartland Series unless we punt. We are seriously thinking about another Heartland Finale later in the year with about four Heartland divisions. Provided of course that everyone goes back to work by the middle of the year, stay tuned and stay safe.

Here are Future dates:

June 5th, Hamilton, TX            #12.5
July 18th, Stephenville, TX        #11.5
September 7th, Hamilton, TX        #8.5
September 27th, Abilene, TX        #9.5

Time Tracker on Global Handicaps

Countdown to Finale XV