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Posted on Jan 2, 2020
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James Garlick - 1941- 2019


It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of James Garlick (Balmorhea, Texas), born in Van Horn, Texas, who passed away on December 28, 2019, at the age of 78, leaving to mourn family and friends. 

 Salute to my Friend James Garlick 
 by Mike Capron 

James was a cowboy who could rope.  His rope was a tool to enhance his ability to work cattle. I never saw him abuse his ability to rope, he didn't take his rope down and build a loop if he didn't need to catch something, and if he did take his rope down, you could bet he caught what he was throwing at. 

I met James when he was running the Fig. 2 ranch just after I got out of the Army. It was the early seventies and cattle still had a major role in ranching the arid parts of West Texas. The cattle were hardy crossbred cattle or tough old Herefords who knew how to travel long distances for feed and water. It was raining regularly and the cattle market was reasonable. Cattle and Cowboys were in vogue.   Horses were plentiful  and in demand to work cattle. James was always mounted on the best. If you knew James back then, you knew the likes of Frijole his favorite horse of the times. Frijole was a big horse, lots of bone, muscle and a huge personality to match his body. He was always ready to complete the job at hand and would beat the tracks out of a cow over and thru any kind of terrain.  All who saw him once, remembered him forever. 

James had several more for sure, there was Roany,  Cinco, and Sue of course. Several more I can see but can't remember their names.  James liked animals and was good with them all. He had several good dogs.  Milk cows, goats, never knew him to have a chicken.  

I never saw James get cross with anyone, all enjoyed working for him and with him, it was most pleasant working with his crew. He was always positive to get the job done, he never backed down from a tough situation.    We were working for a man who had 128 cows in a small trap after receiving them and wanted to brand them before he turned them out, but had no chute to work them in. He was very nervous about how we were going to brand these cows. James said we will head and heel them and you do the branding. The man didn't think that would work, but he didn't have any other choices. James never blinked.  We branded them all and never broke a sweat.   

James will be missed by all but mostly by his family. He was a shinning light to them all and loved them more than anything else. I loved to hear him tell about all their projects. They all loved animals and I bet you money that James is riding Frijole in greener pastures now, and Pepito is right there  with them. 

He was predeceased by : his parents, William Frederick Garlick and Julia Segura Garlick; his siblings, Lucille Henderson, Fred Garlick, Van Garlick, Martha McElroy, Henry Garlick, Cecelia Petty, Jimmie Graham, Marvin Garlick, Lee Roy Garlick and Evelyn Enriquez. He is survived by : his wife Gina Garlick; his children, Julia Hernandez (Ervey Hernandez) and James Russell Garlick Jr. (Heather Hernandez); his granddaughters, Chelsea, Alexi, Skylar Hernandez, Brynlee Machuca and Tynsly Carrillo.

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