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Posted on Dec 3, 2019

American Cowboy Qualifiers Approaching Finish

There are just a handful of American Cowboy qualifiers left in the east,  the qualifiers remaining in the west will all be held at the WSTR Finale in Las Vegas. The American Cowboy ropings will complete in March with The RFD’s American Rodeo. This will be another good one and while support for the #12.5 might have been a touch weak this year, the #10.5 will be the biggest payoff at the rodeo ( excluding the $1 Million bonus money). If you are in Vegas, please look at the Finale schedule for qualification opportunities in Vegas.


The tournament format that was so successful in 2019, lost momentum in 2020 with the exception of the ropings within close proximity to Dallas. WSTR is already planning to give this program a new format for the next season.  We aren’t sure at this point what that will be, but we do know that it must be simple and easily understood. The American Cowboy ropings for 2021 will have a different look.


But lets talk about the now. WSTR took more than enough calls from those entered in the Finale who are worried about the matches, stating they did not want to use their horses in two or three matches and take a chance of crippling them before roping for the shot at  $2 million dollars in the Finale.  We have a good game plan to address this concern.


We have decided that a “heat” approach will make this simpler and easier for everyone to understand than multiple matches. Logistically the tournament bracket would cause confusion and complication. To name a champion at The American, which is the rodeo in AT&T Stadium, it requires that we end up with four to five teams who will compete on one head. So here is how we see the two divisions working down to those numbers.

The American Cowboy #10.5

We have already paid out $100,000 in prepayments and there is $200,000 in the pot with the last qualifiers will add more money into the overall pot. Last year there were over 300 teams in the Vegas qualifiers.


In the east at NTRL, the five or six teams will be in one heat with one team advancing to The American. All of these teams who lose will win $1000, the winning team is paid $4000. The winning team advances to The American at AT&T Stadium and is guaranteed a check.


There are seven teams not going to Las Vegas or NTRL.

We will attempt to set a heat match in Texas sometime in January or February. The winning team in the heat advances to The American at AT&T Stadium and is guaranteed another check. The winning team gets $4000, all of the non-wining teams will get $1000.


There are roughly 26 teams coming into Vegas: Other teams who qualify in Vegas will join in. These will be five or six team heats, four steer averages. First place wins $4000; all other places receive $1000. There will be at least five teams winning heats in Vegas and maybe more. 


So how do we get that down to the three who advance to the American?   Simple… Rope for more money! We will offer the winners of each heat the opportunity for a bonus match.  Let’s say there are five heat winners in Vegas. We will be offering a voluntary “sudden death” or bonus match: $10,000 to the winners and $8,600 to the losers. (if the pot continues to grow the amount of the bonus matches could rise) If you win in this sudden death match, you will have an extra $10,000 in your pocket that the others will not have. You will advance to the American and will still be running at all the money in Dallas.  If you lose you win the equivalent of 5th in the average at the American.


What happens if none of the heat winners want to match? That is very unlikely, but if so, there will be a solution worked out that is fair.

The American Cowboy #12.5

This pot currently has $53,000 in it, and we have paid $30,000 in prepayments.


The three teams who will rope at the American AT&T will be as follows:  One team will from the east, one team will advance from the teams not in Vegas, and one teams will advance from Vegas. 


In the east at NTRL, the all qualified teams will be in one heat with one team advancing to The American. If there are only two teams , winners will receive $2000, losers $1000.  If there are more than three teams, winning team will refecieve $4000, losing teams $1000. The winning team advances to The American at AT&T Stadium and is guaranteed a check.


The Heat not going to Las Vegas.

Same plan and payoff schedule as the east.


The heat in Las Vegas: Other teams who qualify in Vegas will join in. This will be a five or six team heat, four steer average. First place wins $4000; all other places receive $1000.


So your big question will be,  “when do I rope”? There is a thirty to forty five minute dead space in the main arena as the last teams in the last rotation finish in the Priefert Arena and everyone is waiting for the short round to begin in the main.  We will rope this heat in the main arena, and it can be entertainment for a few thousand waiting on the short round.


We will be communicating with qualified American Cowboy teams all week via text.

For those of you still wishing to qualify in Vegas or in the east watch the TRJ or the  the Finale schedule for roping opportunities. Entry fees for the qualification roping $200/roper, this is the prepayment scale for the tournament.







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