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Posted on Aug 29, 2019

Roxor Off-Road Vehicles Join World Series of Team Roping Sponsorship Team


The Roxor heavy-duty off-road vehicle, produced by Mahindra, has entered into a one-year sponsorship with the Ariat World Series of Team Roping, making it the official off-road vehicle of the association. 
Ropers will see the Roxor at the Finale in December, where the company will offer test-drives of the vehicle.
“Roxor has a steel body and boxed steel frame, compared to a plastic body and small tubular framing on a typical side by side,” explained Dan Proffer, marketing manager for Roxor. “But the biggest advantage is the 2.5L Turbo Diesel engine, combined with the 5-speed manual or automatic truck-style transmission, which means no belts to break and an industry-best towing capacity of 3,490 pounds.”
Roxors will also be on-site in Las Vegas to shuttle ropers between the South Point and its outdoor arena. 
“We are proud to introduce Roxor Off Road as our official off-road vehicle of the WSTR,” said Lory Merritt, sponsorship director for the WSTR. “Roxor understands team ropers and the lifestyle they live. The high quality of these vehicles will be on full display at this year’s Finale at South Point Hotel and Casino as they will be offering shuttles and test drives all week. We thank Roxor Off Road for their partnership.”

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