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Posted on Dec 16, 2018

Clean Catch Pays Dividends in the Priefert #8 WSTR Finale


Byron Lenox, Donie, Texas, had missed a good one to win a lot of money earlier this week.

“I popped it off in the short round in the outdoor arena so I just made sure to get him roped this time,” said Lenox. “I gave him a sweet roll and took it right to the bank.”

Heading for Kelly Waller, Teague, Texas, the duo will be cashing in a $208,000 paycheck for their win in the Priefert #8 WSTR Finale.

After teams three, four and five all no-timed, and second callback legged up, all the Texans had to do was catch as the high team back— but they did better than that finishing with an 8.12-second run for a total of 33.84 on four.

“I’ll probably just pay some bills,” laughed Waller. He and his wife, Heather, welcomed their son, Hayse, just three months ago. “It seems like there’s always something, but I love being a dad.”

Lenox and Waller made the 22-hour drive from Texas along with their friend and roping partner Shannon Rodell.

“Since I didn’t win any money it looks like I’ll be driving home,” Rodell laughed. All three of their wives had been here earlier in the week but flew out just before the short round of the #8 Finale. “I was on the phone with them, they were driving home from the airport,” Rodell added. “They didn’t want to FaceTime so I was giving them a play by play. They just went to screaming.”

Lenox works as an operator at the power plant and in his spare time he likes to hunt, fish and spend time with his wife Kourtney and his sons, Brandt, 4, and Brazos, 8.

“They’re already into being cowboys,” he said.

Lenox was aboard a 16-year-old sorrel he calls Amos. Call it luck, two years in a row he backed him off the trailer at the South Point and he had pulled a shoe—on the same foot—both years.

“Really I stumbled on him. I’ve had him about two and a half years. I was trying to heel when a friend of mine was trying this horse. He had me hop on him and we just clicked.”

This was Waller’s first time to the Finale and he had to make a call on the horsepower he would bring.

“My young one got hurt earlier in the year so I pulled ‘Wino’ out of the pasture and started riding him,” Waller explained. “I actually hate him. He’s mean and doesn’t like other horses, or anything for that matter, but he came through when I needed him to.”

Waller who works in sales at Swisher International had never roped at the Finale.

“I didn’t start roping until after high school,” he said. “Some friends of mine, we just decided to be team ropers. I’m still just trying to figure it out.”

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