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Posted on Nov 20, 2018

Finale 13 Grows Top And Bottom

 Finale 13 Grows Top And Bottom

#9 Finale Joins The #10 Paying $2 Million

The numbers are officially in for the 2018 Finale and despite the yearly proclamations that the Finale cannot continue to grow year after year, it most certainly will increase in payoff and size once again. The increase this year is based on growth in three divisions the #14, #9, and #8.


Immediately following last years Finale, Denny Gentry announced that because the #15 Roping had not experienced much growth, it would change to a #14 in the basic WSTR Qualification event formats. Denny expressed his goal of having all seven divisions to pay at least $1 million in the near future and felt certain the #14 would have better participation. In the meantime, he assured all the higher number ropers that WSTR would continue to have an Open and #15 division at the outside qualifiers at South Point; historically the largest qualifiers of the year.


The switch over from the #15 to a #14 resulted in consistently larger qualifiers during the season driving the Finale entries to increase by 22% with an estimated payoff teetering at $1 Million. Teetering because the Finale notoriously experiences last minute draw-outs for a variety of reasons, however, even if it’s close, it is obvious that once the Finale is over and if all seven divisions each payout over one million dollars, it will be a new record-breaking event.


The #8 Finale was just a test roping only a few years ago.  This event jumped a massive 22% to over 400 teams. But the biggest news in the roping world will be the WSTR #9 Finale which will pay over $2 Million.  That means that just two divisions the #10 Finale and the #9 Finale combined have a payoff totaling close to $5 million. 


With the growth in the #9 and #8 Finales, the event has expanded into Sunday.

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