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Posted on Nov 20, 2018

Heartlands Over $1 Mil Again

WSTR has scheduled a #10 Heartland in Queen Creek, AZ on the very last day of 2018. This is only the second time a Heartland has been offered outside the state of Texas since the individual division format was started. But whether you consider the Arizona Heartland as the last of the season or the very first of 2019, it really makes little difference, as the series already produced one million dollar in purses during the 2018 season. It has done that consecutively every year since 2012! 

For those you in Arizona that are not familiar with the series, in addition to the big money, every team placing in the average or consolation of each division qualifies for the WSTR Finale in Las Vegas. The top winners also receive Gist Silversmith buckles and Cactus Saddlery Saddles. Snowbirds, you asked us for another shot at one of these, we are sending our hottest division. Please join us!

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