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Posted on Jun 16, 2018

A Woman Summer & Then Some


This summer has officially become the summer of the women. Since May, not only have the ladies been placing in ropings all over the country, they have been winning many of the divisions. In Las Cruces, New Mexico in early May, four out of seven divisions were won by teams that included one women, which has never been done before in any qualifier. But that was just a warm up, let’s fast forward to the first weekend in June and discuss all of those winners. Three of the seven divisions at Graham, TX were won by women, including the #12 Heartland won by Kayelen Helton where she took home $14,835 dollars. In addition to Kayelen, Shannon McCright topped the #10 winning $6,310 and Kali Carpenter topped the #8 winning $6,385. During the same weekend, Taylor Smith won the #8 in Fort St John, Crystal Ruby won the #8 in Spanish Fork, Tabitha Jo Harris won the #8 at Miles City, Kelsey Nonella won the #12 at Powell Butte, and Renee Paetsch & DeAnna Thompson won the #8 at Powell Butte, OR taking home $11,750. If that wasn’t enough, women won three qualifiers east of the Mississippi as well. At Morristown, Tennessee, Kelsey Mabrey won the #13, Dorie Lund won the #12, and Savannah Holt won the #8. Better get to the pen boys, the ladies group is growing and they are serious.

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