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Posted on Jan 30, 2019

The Final American #10 Wrap-Up

The Final American #10 Wrap-Up


We had a lot of pre-conceived ideas about what the American Cowboy #10 would turn out to be…….we were wrong. It was much more than we expected and if you talk to the ropers that competed there, even in slack, they will tell you it was a lifetime experience. Randy Bernard was excited, “ putting up two million in two days is very exciting for the American.” He is absolutely right, there aren’t many big paydays in the rodeo world. This is a tremendous event!


From our standpoint it did what we all wanted it to do. Including preliminaries, we paid over $700,000 in 6 months of operation. As you will see below, we paid $534,000 in Dallas, TX. The Futurity approach has always been big in other horse disciplines, but this event pretty well proves that team ropers can play that futurity/match game with anyone.


As for our ropers, they came prepared! None of us have ever seen a #10 roping with a 75% catch ratio through three rounds. Of the 34 teams entered, 15 teams caught three head and moved on to the American. We hadn’t actually wished them bad luck, but obviously the payoff would have been much different if only seven teams had made it. You would have been looking at first paying nearly $100,000.


When the ropers got over to AT&T Stadium, even the slack teams looked super tight.  During the rodeo performance, 21,000 fans were yelling just as loud for our ropers as they were for the rodeo hands. And frankly, the pressure in the final short round was strong enough that even those of us watching could feel it.   Not sure how any of them were able to catch, but three of the final six did.  When the pyro smoke cleared, seven teams of the fifteen short round teams caught and the other eight missed and were paid on three head.  Of the remaining teams, five received $2000 fast on two checks, and the remainder were left with their advance payment checks and a great experience. But what a deal, twenty of the 34 teams that attended went home with more than the advance payments they arrived with.


Congratulations to our champions Justin McMillion from Covington, Ohio,  and Bill Evans from Union, Kentucky. They roped solid and were one of the very few that were straight up on all of their steers after winning their spot in Jacksonville, Florida. A story is currently up on the Team Roping Journal webpage about these guys and their overall experience at the American. Thanks to everyone that participated and stay tuned for next years plans!

RFD The American Cowboy #10


1.  Justin McMillion, Covington, OH / Williams Evans,  Union, KY, 35.51            $70,600

2. Cassie Hambrick, Golden Valley, AZ/ Mike Hughes, Sonoita, AZ, 37.14            $54,600

3. Shawn Felton, Dublin, TX / JB Kirchenschlager, Stephenville, TX, 44.90            $41,600

4. Heath Crofford, Douglas, TX / Curtis McKnight, Wells, TX, 49.50                        $36,600*

5. Josh Wilkerson, Roosevelt, UT /Slade Wittbeck, Vernal, UT, 51.48            $30,600

6. Terry Crawford, Ozona, TX/ Murphey Black, Ozona, TX, 56.85                        $25,600

7. Jorge Ramirez, San Antonio, TX / Gilberto Porras, Midland, TX, 59.21            $22,600

8. Karen Little, San Saba, TX / Willie Moreland, San Saba, TX                        $19,600

9. Natie Johnson, Choudrant, LA / Eddie R Scogin, Frierson, LA                        $17,600

10. Bobby Jean Colyer, Bruneau, ID / Scott Myers, Fall River Mills, CA            $14,600

11. Raymond Havens, Madden, AB / Frank Simpson, Claresholm AB            $13,600

12. Jimmy Jay Donaldson, Cushing, OK / Travis Seaton, Paden, OK                        $13,600 *

13. Bret Carlson, Choctaw, OK / Travis Klingerman, Boley, OK                        $12,600

14. Tim Weyer, Wheatland, WY / Bing McGuire, Wheatland, WY                        $12,600

15. Kyle Stephens, Plains, TX / Michael Raney, Lamesa, TX                                    $12,600

16. Stacy Mathis, Roswell, NM / Luke McClymond, Breckenridge, TX            $8,600

17. Tish Luke, Yeehaw Junction, FL / Glen Terrell, Notasulga, AL                        $8,600

18. John Copeland, Lubbock, TX / Jason Copeland, Lubbock, TX                        $8,600

19. Kelli Barnet, Conroe, TX / Dean Martin, Junction, TX                                    $8,600

20. Tanner Leflett, Benton, LA /Shane White, Plain Dealing, LA                        $8,600

21. Mike Cullen, Hugoton, KS / Tim Mecklenburg, Hugoton, KS                        $6,600

22. Jared Ty Phillips, Mexia, TX / Matt Watson, Teague, TX                                    $6,600

23. Tyson Runyon, Silver City, NM / Garret Poe, Salem, NM                                    $6,600

24. Destri Millsap, Chelsea, OK / Michael Delaney, Rose, OK                        $6,600

25. Shane Boston, Joshua, TX / Phillip Teague, Rattan, OK                                  $6,600

26.  Jeremy Boltinghouse, Kenedy, TX / Bryce Biggs, Pilot Point, TX                $6,600

27. Brandon Nelson, Livingston, TX / J O Jensen, Huntsville, TX                       $6,600

28. Rhyder Nelson, Gainsville, TX / Tim Ruddick, Los Alamos, CA                 $6,600*

29. Tracy Duce, Raymond AB / Pietro Brembilla, Tempe, AZ                           $6,600

30. Jeff Hatfield, Charlestown, IN / Tommy Hand, College Grove, TN            $6,600

31. Daniel Velasquez, Healdsburg, CA / Tim Gaither, Coarsegold, CA            $6,600

32. Brian Royal, Millbrook, AL / Dennis Moore, Opp, AL                                    $6,600

33. Jim Selcher, New Underwood, SD / Wade Musick, Mitchell, SD                         $6,600

34. Yahvel Urias, Midland, TX / Leopoldo Arreola, Midland, TX                        $6,600



 Total Payoff - $534,400


* denotes replacements, advance payment might be slightly different

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