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Posted on Jan 30, 2019

The American Cowboy #10.5 Hits $709,000


The American Cowboy #10 Hits $709,000


After the conclusion of the last few events, we are proud to announce that the American #10 futurity purse has reached $709,000. This will be very close to the final numbers pending the outcome of the final few qualifiers. This season 56 qualifiers were scheduled around the country.  Roughly, at this date 21 matches are complete and it appears that roughly 68 teams will have qualified, pending the outcome of the three remaining qualifiers, Wickenburg, AZ, February 1st, Guthrie, OK, February 10th, and Loveland, CO, February 10th).


Each team had to win one head to head match to advance to the Rope-Off. At this writing 21 teams have completed their match and are ready for the Rope-Off in Decatur.  There are 24 teams (12 matches) yet to be resolved and possibly two to four more depending on the last qualifiers.  Based on this we estimate there will be 34 teams competing for the Big money.


As a recap of the money, all teams who placed in a qualifier but did not win won $1200 in ground money; all teams who won a qualifier received $1600 advance payment; all teams who won a match won an additional $5,000 advance paymen;, all teams who lost a match received $1,000 ground money.  The Rope Off in Decatur, TX will be three full rounds with a fast on two consolation, and the remaining aggregate purse paid to teams who make it to the short round.

The Rope-Off March 2nd

National Ropers Supply will be hosting the first three rounds of the rope off at their facility in Decatur, TX on Saturday, March 2nd.  The final short round will be held in AT&T Stadium on March 3rd.  Video of the first three rounds will be posted mid-afternoon on March 2nd,  the short round will  be carried by RFD TV on March 3rd. The entire Rope-Off and short round will be archived free of charge at RidePass following the event.

Mini-Qualifier – To respectfully frame up our Rope-OFF, WSTR will offer Four WSTR qualifiers on March 2nd and 3rd, in Decatur, produced by James Watson. The flier is posted online. The Rope-Off shows that that the American #10 Rope-Off will occur between the first two qualification events. In reality, we expect to hold the Rope-Off mid-morning March 2nd, and will probably hold it between the rounds of the qualification event.

To date, listed below are the teams that have won their matches and will be roping for the big money:





$709,000 PAYOFF – as of January 30th

1.     As of Jan 30th, 288 team ropers have received $209,200 in advance payments for winning qualifiers and ground money checks for placing at qualifiers. This does not include advance payments for winning matches, or ground money checks from matches.


2.     Based on 34 teams advancing to the Rope-Off, $34,000 will be ground money to teams failing to win their head to head match.


3.     Based on 34 teams advancing $170,000 advance aggregate payments will be paid to every team that makes the rope-off.


4.     The Final Aggregate payoff at Decatur/Dallas will be paid on a scale based on the number of teams who catch three and advance to the short round. The Rope-Off will be three full rounds; Fast on Two Consolation checks will also be paid.


5.     There is not a way to estimate how many teams will catch three and make it to the short round. Using a guestimate range of six to tens teams in the short round projects $100,000 to $85,000 for the win. With the same six to ten team short round guess we projects last place in the aggregate to range between $25,000 and $16,000.   



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