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Posted on Oct 24, 2016

8 Format Change, Dec. 1st


The #8 division became a WSTR staple in 2016, but it only occurred after several years of debate between the WSTR contractors. There seemed to be a big a variance between what #8 ropers were accepting in some parts of the country vs. other locations. At the base of that argument was whether a normal World Series pick partner higher priced format would work in the division. The one consensus that all agreed on was that it would work, but only in two or three key locations. The compromise was the format used in the 2016 season ( more entries, lower fees, higher commission.


Depending what part of the country you were from determined whether you liked it or not. Obviously the 30% commission bothered some, but with the lower priced fees it was necessary. So enough two stepping, we all recognize now that the #8 is important as an entry level roping for the World Series, it is unique and will need its own format. Starting December 1st the format will change at all qualifiers.


The format will retain enter three times, and will retain pick or draw.  What will change is the price and commission. In the #8 division the fees will $150 per roper, and the commission will be 20%.


This format will get us back to 20% without taking away the ropers ability to control how much they spend or whether they have a partner or not, and still get maximum payback leverage. This format adjustment was made in part on the basis of how many #8 teams were, and are, willing to play at the special fees ropings we held across the country.

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