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Posted on Jul 30, 2016

"The Daddy" Reaches Top Five!


“The Daddy” Reaches Top Five


Each year there are a number of WSTR qualifiers that get on a short list of “Don’t Miss”, or vacation destination type events. Certainly the Cheyenne qualifier that goes on during Frontier Days falls into this group.  JX2 has produced this event under the name The Daddy, and this year it definitely started living up to its name.  This is a special fees qualifier  $250 instead of the $150 and the event has been consistently growing .  This was the 10th Anniversary of  The Daddy and this year the total payout hit $518,500. Five of the divisions paid a minimum of $18,000 for first in the aggregate. If you consistently watch the total payouts on WSTR qualifiers, its easy to see that this one ranks up there in the top 5 among the 144 sanctioned events.


The demographics were clear indicators that this is becoming a vacation destination roping with 637 ropers from 25 different states attending.  The outstanding JX2  staff ran a lot of teams and yet each day wrapped up no later than 6:30 pm. Kudo’s were flying on the outstanding set of cattle provided by Gary Rodemill and Bo Rappel.  The feel of this event is definitely upbeat as the staff from Laramie County Community College, and the The Daddy staff were smiling and accommodating throughout.


John Johnson has inserted a few additional ropings to the mix the last few years that have added just a little different flavor than a normal qualifier and opened the door for ropers from all age groups. The Daddy offers a 7-header, muley ropings, and a #8 prize roping. If this sounds like one of those promotional roping reviews then forgive me, but just saying, any time you see a roping elevating itself up through the ranks to the front of the pack, there is definitely a reason!!!


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