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Posted on Mar 9, 2016

2016 Heartlands

Please join us for big money this year at our Heartland Qualifiers! So what's the big deal about the Heartland Finales Mega Qualifiers and Why should we go?

After the five legs of the Heartland Finale in 2015 were complete team ropers collected $959,200, just shy under 1 Mil cash without including prizes! In addition to the big money, team ropers flock to the Heartland Mega-qualifiers because every team placing in the average of each division qualifies for the WSTR Finale in Las Vegas. So if you are one of those ropers that spotlights the biggest and best events in the world, you may want to these Mega- Qualfiers on your schedule.

The 2016 #10 Heartland Finale In Stephenville Texas in February Paid out $123,800

Check for the following Heartland divisions:

#9 - Hamilton TX - March 12th

#15 - Hamilton, TX - April 29th

#12 - Graham, TX - June 10th

#11- Stephenville, TX - July 23rd

#13 - Hamilton, TX - September 3rd

#8 - Stephenville, TX - October 2nd

Countdown to Finale XI