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Posted on Dec 27, 2015

Finale X Follow-Up


The feedback from Finale X has been coming in and the response has been really good.  While the event was comparable in size (larger in payout, about the same size in attendance) to last year, the congestion complaints about last year were gone.  This one felt considerably smaller, so we are gratified that the additional planning and event flow changes worked.  


Of course the overall attitude of ropers is dramatically improved when the quality of cattle is good.  Roping outstanding cattle is always a pre-requisite to a great event; and we have been thankful for good cattle each year, but the last three years they have been outstanding. Great cattle always make the flagging much easier, but appreciate all of you that have noticed the extra attention to the quality flagging, arena judges, and re-run policies. This caliber event just absolutely demands it. In all the years we have been producing team roping events, this one would rate as one of the top, our opinion.


The payout of just over $10,500,000.00 is another team roping record set by WSTR.  We are waiting to get verification if indeed the $10.5 Million pushed us past the Dubai World Cup, which would make us officially the 2nd richest equestrian event in the world. The increase in payoff came from the full implementation of the difference in fees from non-legacy, and non-qualification teams.


Hope you are savoring the holidays and it won’t be long until you are back competing  again. Certainly formally adding the #15 and #8 divisions at the qualification events will make the qualifiers look a little different, but we don’t have any significant changes for the coming season.  Thank you to all of you who attended qualifiers last year, and those that attended the Finale.  We wish you the very best for the New Year!

Countdown to Finale XI