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Posted on Dec 23, 2015
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Dee Curry 1941-2015



 Dee Curry – 1941 - 2015

Born in Fort Worth, Texas February 27, 1941

Passed Away November 24, 2015 Chandler, Arizona


Born in Fort Worth, Texas February 27, 1941, he passed away in Chandler, AZ November 24th. Dee was a landscaper by trade. Retired a few years back. But if you asked Dee what he did he would say he was a team roper.  For nearly thirty years he traveled all over the US to ever major roping event that he could arrange. Glen Motes said at a Flagstaff roping back in the mid 80’s, “As hard as Dee ropes, goes as much as he does and for as long as he does, Dee Curry has to be made of iron. He was proud of that “Ironman” moniker, and did not let three heart attacks and arthritis stop him from pursuing his passion.

Dee was the absolute description of “AVID”. He could tell you every partner he had, what they did and where they did it.   He had won over 50 buckles, 18 saddles and 2 or 3 horse trailers.  He was skillful but in his heyday was pursued by partners as one of the luckiest in the business.  If he wasn’t roping, he was literally practicing, on or off a horse, reading roping magazines or watching tapes and TV shows on roping. He ate, slept and breathed team roping.  He was known to be able to tell you who won what roping, and  what the winning time was.


Dee often said that he truly felt there was no other world but the Cowboy World and truly felt that way.  He got to cowboy for a living for a while and he got to rope. That’s all he ever wanted to do and he got to do both. Dee loved being amongst his Team Roping and Rodeo family.  He wanted to know how everyone was doing and what was going on. He loved watching the up and comers and he loved his team roping/rodeo families.  Loved knowing and roping with lots of ropers before they became “names”. He loved to joke and tease while keeping an endless supply of Root Beer barrel candy & Red and white striped mints in his pocket.


Dee will be greatly missed as a friend and roping partner by many!

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