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Posted on Aug 5, 2015
Finale IX

Accumulated Earnings *Revision


Accumulated Earnings Earn WSTR Members Discounted Entry to the WSTR X Finale


The deadline to enter the Finale using these earnings is September 30th.  Here are a few specific reminders on the rules:


In case you aren’t familiar with accumulated earnings - Accumulated earnings are another way for a WSTR member to win a guaranteed spot to the Las Vegas Finale.  The Accumulated Earnings benefit, introduced last year, is available to WSTR members only who attend qualification events, win money, but not enough to count toward a full qualification spot. Earnings are counted during the roping season anytime after a WSTR membership is purchased.


The earnings can be accumulated and applied to a generic discounted entry if received by September 30th.  To take advantage of the discounted entry fee of $2000 an individual must accumulate winnings of $2500 individually or $5000 as a team to get the discount.   This can be done with both partners adding their winnings together or if a roper has enough on his/her own ($2500), they can invite another roper who would pay the standard entry fee (assuming the invited roper has attended at least one qualification event during the season).  New this year, Special Fees Event winnings that do not earn a roper a direct qualification spot also count.


Here are a couple of ways qualification entries can be applied as accumulated entries: 1.) A roper is already entered in the Finale and qualifies in that same division again, the qualification goes to the roper who is not entered, however, the roper already entered can apply those earnings to accumulated earnings.  2.) A team is already entered in the Finale and the same team qualifies in the same division again.   If they don’t choose to move up and rope together in a higher division, each can use their winnings as accumulated earnings. (Please note if a roper’s misses his/her qualification entry deadline those winnings do not count toward accumulated earnings.)

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