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Posted on Nov 29, 2014

Golden Chutes For Ten Million Dollars!


Golden Chutes For Ten Million Dollars!



Priefert loaded their trucks and had them on the road the day after Thanksgiving. They sent WSTR a picture of the two chutes they are sending for the Finale, and how fitting. These golden chutes commemorate the 50 years that Priefert has been in business and what an impact they have had on team roping, and team roping has had on them? Of course my thought when I look at these clean new chutes, is about how many steers will soon be running through them, and $10,000,000 Million dollars that will be awarded.  Only appropriate that the chutes are painted GOLD!


When we get to this stage of the game immediately prior the Finale, I would describe the mood as just a little shell-shocked. Putting on big ropings is something that we have done on a fairly regular basis for decades, but this event is another animal all together when you try to handle over 2700 stall reservations in three locations, hotel reservations in three locations, parking and not to mention building a cohesive team with eighty employees who work together only once a year. All of those segments and the associated changes drive an unbelievable amount of phone traffic and work to the office.


But with that said, there comes that calm before the storm, which is where I seem to be this morning. 


The growth and change from last year is phenomenal. The payoff jumped from $7.25 Million last year just at $10,000,000 this year. The addition of the #15 added at least $830,000 to that mix at half the entry price.  In addition, the qualifiers in Priefert #2 will add an additional $600,000. Since they are qualifiers we probably shouldn’t count those in the overall tally, but nevertheless steers will be running through the chutes with money attached to them. But even with those new additions to the payouts at South Point, the payoffs grew by another million in the regular Finales. Three of the Finales will pay over $1.7 million, and the #10 will come up just shy of $1.9 million. Our smallest payoff of normal priced Finales is the #9 Finale, but we are pretty proud of it. In 2012, the #9 was merely an incentive of the #10 and then last year it went stand alone with a $1,136,000 payoff.  Obviously ropers have embraced it and the payoff will shake out somewhere between $1.5 and $1.6 Million.


Maybe on the drive over to Vegas this week I can continue to ponder what World Series might do to make your experience better and more exciting. We have acquired an additional 30 acres near the offsite lot and are hopeful we can acquire the necessary permits to simplify that process for next year.  Certainly I would like to do something more spectacular in the second arena other than a qualifier and with time maybe we can do something befitting WSTR’s 10th year in 2015.  With all that said, prior to the storm to come, we are thankful to everyone who participated this year making this by far the greatest team roping held in the history of our sport!


 Denny Gentry

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