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Posted on Nov 24, 2014
Finale IX




Inside Stall Parking - South Point

The parking strategy is pretty simple. If you have inside stalls, then you also have tack stalls and feed stalls, and a hotel room. Security will direct you to park on the the big 15-acre lot south of the Grandview hotel. Turn west on W Pyle from Las Vegas Blvd and security will assist you in parking.

Grandview Hotel allows us the use of this big parking lot because quite a few ropers stay in their hotel. We want to keep them happy since their big parking lot is essential to this roping. There are NO horses allowed in the Grandview Hotel parking lot, and by saying that, that means leading or riding a horse through the Grandview hotel parking lot toward the arena. If you want to ride to the arena, ride your horse west on W Pyle Avenue toward the freeway, and hang a right on the dirt to ride to the arena.

Outside Stall Parking -South Point

When you arrive, enter LeBaron  (on the south side of the Hotel) from Las Vegas Blvd. We will have security greet you at the far west end of LeBaron. You will be directed to the outside parking if you are in the portable stalls next to the indoor arena. Security will park you pretty tight, so please no objections. You should be close enough to feed to your horses, saddle at your trailer, and ride to the arena. Security will let you have a little time to saddle your horses, however, they won’t let any horses stand tied to a trailer anywhere on the property.


Day Tripper Parking

You are considered a day-tripper if you have your horse stalled anywhere other than inside or outside at South Point Casino, and that includes the Offsite lot, and the Orleans lot. When you arrive enter W. Pyle Ave. which is two streets south of South Point. We are asking day trippers to please proceed directly to the Grandview parking lot. You can ride your horse on the path marked in blue, if the weather allows.


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