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Posted on Nov 24, 2014
Finale IX

Everything Stalls


Stall Information


Stall Office Location

The stall office is located in Barn A next to the feed store, open daily.


Offsite Stalls

The Offsite Stalls are located on a lot roughly one mile south of South Point just off Las Vegas BLVD at 750 W Neal Ave.  Look for the large overhead sign at the turn in. You will have access to your trailers on this site. We will be running two Bloomer trailer shuttles to and from South Point starting at 6 am each morning. These shuttles will be running every ten minutes and will deliver you to the arena door. We strongly encourage ropers at the offsite lot to use the shuttles.

IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO USE THE SHUTTLE AND HAUL YOUR OWN HORSE, when you arrive for your designated rotation you are considered a day tripper and will be expected to park on the Grand View parking lot. Turn on West Pyle Avenue to enter the Grand View parking lot.

Stalls Barn A and B

ONLY horses coming to stall Barn A and B, and the outside stalls will need to turn on LeBaron Ave from Las Vegas Blvd. This is the street on the south side of the South Point Casino.

If you are in Barn A or Barn B hotel check-in services will be in the Stall office in Barn A (next to the feed Store).  While you are placing horses in stalls, someone can also check you into your hotel room.  The bellman will take your bags to your room, so hopefully by the time you feed and park your trailer your clothes will be in your room. The special accommodation hours for Hotel Check-In in the barn will be noon to 7 pm, Sat., Dec 7th and 9 am- 7 am daily thru Dec 11th.  This is meant to speed up the process and to be more convenient for you.  If you are by yourself in the vehicle, please don’t use this service as it blocks the unload alley too long. If you are by yourself, please place your horse in the stall and then check-in at the front desk, the old fashioned way.

On that same note, we really encourage pooling those large trailers with multiple horses. Forgive our disappointment when we see a 45ft truck and living quarter trailer pull in with one horse inside.

South Point Outside Stalls

Outside stalls are located at the west end of LeBaron Ave, south side of the South Point Casino. At the checkpoint at the west end of LeBaron our employees will direct you to parking lot 5, and assist you in reaching your stalls. Outside stalls are not pre-assigned; so if you want to stall with your partner, etc., arrive with your partner. There are no tack stalls in the Outdoor Stall lot, you will have access to your trailer.

The Orleans Outdoor Stalls

The Orleans Stalls are located off of I-15 and three blocks west on Tropicana Blvd. The Orleans is roughly four miles north of South Point at 4500 W. Tropica­na Ave. Please enter on the west side of the property on Cameron Street. You will have access to your trailers on this site. The stalls will be setup on a parking lot, next to the Equestrian Arena. Those of you stalled at the Orleans facility will be considered daytrippers no shuttle service will be provided. When you arrive at the Finale event enter at W. Pyle Ave. which is two streets south of South Point. We are asking day trippers to please proceed directly to the Grandview parking lot. You can ride your horse on the path marked in blue, if the weather allows.

Stall Barn Hours

Stalls in all locations will open at 1pm on Saturday, December 7th to start accepting World Series horses.  The stall barn will be closed each night at 10pm.  On our biggest days, Monday the 8th, and Tuesday the 9th, and Wednesday the 10th, we close at 11pm. From Monday, December 8th through Sunday, December 14th the barns will open each morning at 6 am. The doors to the warm-up arena will not open until 7am. Security will not let you in the barn if you arrive after 11 pm. If it looks like your going to be late, please consider finding alternatives, or stopping and staying at another location

Tack Stalls

Every year we have a few with tack stalls who decide to share with partners not listed with their group who are outside the barn. Since we provide the tack stalls that are assigned to multiple ropers in the stall block, please don’t do this. It isn’t fair to the others sharing the tack stall and frankly these tack stalls can’t hold more than about six. Your stall assignment is on the front of this newsletter. To contact ropers listed in your tack stall, call WSTR 505-898-1755 for phone#s.

Locked Stalls

If you are sharing with a roper you don’t know and arrive first, please give your tack stall combination to the stall office so that your stall mates can access the tack stall and we won’t have to cut your lock.  We won’t mediate disputes or deal with the locked tack stall issues.  We did not accept “locked tack stall” as an excuse to override a turnout in the roping last year, and we won’t accept it this year either.  There is full-time security in the barns and cameras throughout.

Shavings Cost

For the first timers questioning the cost of the stalls and shavings, the cost is a little higher than normal. We understand that the cost of disposing of the large amounts of shavings outside of Clark County is equal to the purchase price of the shavings. All horse stalls will have equivalent to 4 standard bags of shavings.  Add’l shavings and feed are available for purchase from the South Point feed store. No outside shavings allowed.


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