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Posted on Nov 24, 2014
Finale IX

Finale Reruns


On the chance that there is a question on run, in addition to the flagger, the WSTR will have a field judge stationed in the arena and a field judge stationed in the stands at the back of the arena reviewing every run. The flagger will make the call and in the meantime both field judges are looking for anything out of the ordinary, borderline calls, or potential objection. 

The flagger may call for a rerun, or the flagger and/or either of the field officials may call for a video replay of the run. If the flagger or a field official requests instant replay, a replay official will analyze the video and make the final determination on the run. His decision is final. No explanations are owed to a contestant, and the replay official will offer none.

The position of WSTR is that if none of the three people observing the run detect anything out of the ordinary, ROPERS CANNOT REQUEST A RERUN OR REPLAY. Ropers will be notified if they receive a rerun. Contestants in many cases are recording their own videos, nevertheless, the official HD video and angle provided from the arena to the replay official will be the only recordings used by the replay official to make final determinations.

We are investing quite a bit to make this fair, so trust there will be no debate concerning reruns. There is some belief that because of the amount of money at stake, ropers should be afforded more discretion. However, our belief is that higher stakes should only afford a higher degree of review. 

In all instances the underlying standard in granting reruns will be based on “the ability to compete” on the animal drawn (in the opinion of field judges). The Farm Tek break out barrier will be used to determine any question concerning excessive steer speed. Bad starts and slow horses require longer ropes, not more consideration.


Rerun policy in the qualification ropings will be the same as normal qualifiers, with no additional review.

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