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Posted on Nov 24, 2014
Finale IX

Qualifying for Short Rounds by Rotation


Qualifying for Short Round by Rotations

Qualification by rotation is a tool that WSTR has used for several years to prevent each of the large Finales from becoming super-fast mega ropings. The top eight fastest teams in each rotation will advance to the short round. Which basically means a team is only roping against roughly 90 teams for a shot at the big money. Qualifying for a Finale short round with guaranteed payback is actually easier in this situation than at any WS qualification roping with more than 90 teams and much easier than our larger qualifiers in Texas and Arizona. The qualifiers during the year pay on a 5% formula.   The Finales pay on a 10% formula. The odds of winning at the Finales are vastly improved as a result of these two features.

At-Large Teams” are another added feature of qualification by rotation.  To prevent any team from claiming that, by chance, their rotation had faster qualifying times than other rotations, four “at large “ teams advance to the short round of each Finale. These “at-large” teams are the four fastest times on three steers from the entire roping that did NOT advance from their rotation.  This feature eliminates the claims of imbalance of faster teams or cattle.

So what happens if a team is in the running for an at-large spot in the main roping and gets bumped out?  That team will join the other teams who roped three but did not make the cut. They will have their slowest time eliminated and rope another steer in the consolation arena.  At-large teams are in an excellent position as they may  be in the running for the main average on their original three steers, but if not, will be competing for the consolation in the event their at-large time doesn’t hold.

If you are doing the math, each Finale will have five rotations.  Eight teams from each rotation will produce 40 teams to each short round, and an additional four “at-large” teams will make for a total of 44 teams in the 13,12,11,10,9 short rounds. All 44 short round teams are guaranteed a check.

So if this is your first time to Vegas and you aren’t comfortable with how this all works, WSTR will have plenty of staff members at the facility to help you understand all the various ways you can win money.

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