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Posted on Nov 15, 2014
Finale IX

About Four Steer Consolation!

 This explanation of Four Steer Consolation is the latest updated procedure. Please disregard the explanation in the December "The Roper" finale edition. There are important changes here that have been updated. 


The first thing to understand about the consolation and how it will be handled at Finale IX, each entry is guaranteed to receive three full rounds, when and where you rope those rounds depends on the following:


·      First Steer: The first round is in the main arena.  If you miss your first steer you will rope your next two steers the next day in the Consolation Arena. If you catch your first steer, you will stay in the Main arena.

·      Second Steer: If you miss your second steer in the Main arena, you will rope your third steer the next day in the Consolation Arena.  If you miss your second steer in the Consolation Arena, your third steer is go-round only, but you’re not eligible for the consolation.

·      Third Steer:  If you miss your third steer in the main arena, you may be eligible to rope in the consolation (see below).  If you miss your third steer in the Consolation arena you are done.  If you caught your second steer and third steer in the consolation arena, you may be eligible for the Mulligan round (see below).



The Four steer Consolation

Correction (the description in the Finale Program is incorrectly stated)


Teams who miss a steer, broke a barrier or roped a leg don’t be discouraged you still have a chance.  Each of the Four-head Consolations in the 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 will each pay $176,000 (the #15 will pay less). The Four-Steer Consolation is pretty unique and if you haven’t participated in it before some teams who roped three steers but missed the cut in the Four-Steer Aggregate will advance to the mulligan round of the Consolation the next day in the Preifert Pavilion. Following is an explanation of the teams eligible to advance to the Mulligan round and potentially the Consolation Short Go:

Twenty teams from each rotation will get to rope in the mulligan round at the end of the three full rounds.  Ten teams will progress to the consolation from each rotation in the main arena and ten will progress from each rotation of the Consolation.  So each rotation will ultimately produce 20 mulligan teams.

Ten teams from the aggregate arena (day one):  If you’ve roped all three rounds in the main arena, but missed your 3rd steer your time on two head may progress you to the mulligan round.  If you’ve roped all three steers but are too long for the Finale short-go cut, the slowest time of your three steers will be eliminated. The fastest ten teams on two head (those who missed their 3rd steer combined with those who roped three but who had a long time dropped) will advance to the mulligan round of the Consolation roping the next day.

Ten teams from the Consolation arena (day two):  All ropings are three full rounds, however, you may not rope all three rounds on the same day.  If you are one of the unlucky teams who miss your 1st or 2nd steer in your rotation on day one, the remainder of your three full rounds will continue the next day in the Consolation arena. These rounds will continue by rotation and in team and round order beginning the next morning at 8am in the Consolation Arena (Priefert 2). After teams who missed in round one or round two in the main arena complete their three full rounds, a Mulligan round will occur for those eligible teams with two fast times. (If you’ve missed two steers, you’re done.)  The top ten fastest on two from the Consolation arena will rope in the Mulligan round joined by the top ten teams on two head from the same rotation from the previous day in the Main arena.  Those 20 teams will compete in the mulligan round at the end of each rotation.

Roper’s times from the mulligan round will count as their third steer in the four head consolation. The fastest eight teams from each rotation in this round will advance to the Consolation short round. This truly is a second roping within the main roping. The Four-steer Consolation will pay 20 places.  There is a more detailed explanation available on the website at Wstroping.com.

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