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Posted on Nov 3, 2014

What About the Facebook Entries

The Priefert Gold Qualifiers


On the Finale schedule you will notice daily qualifiers scheduled each afternoon immediately following the Consolation ropings.  These are named the Priefert Gold Qualifiers in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of our title sponsor. Our primary use of the second arena is to handle the Consolations, but with cattle and staff available we added a small special fees 2015 Finale Qualifier each day. These ropings will have a full prize line, saddles and buckles. Entries are $300 per roper/enter twice/progressive/two rotations, limited to the first 210 teams. 

The response from ropers was a little mixed when we first announced the addition of the Priefert Gold Qualifiers.  Many were very happy and had a lot of questions on “how do we get in?” the other was, why would you want to do that?  The rationale was simple.  South Point built two new arenas, primarily for the WSTR Finale and it didn’t make sense to use them for a half day to run the consolations. In addition, we were all geared up with staff and cattle, so just it makes sense to finish a day. But the main reason we added these qualifiers was self-defense! With all the parking and stall issues, unparking and reparking about three hundred rigs a day for ropers who want to go to other jackpots in the Vegas area creates 600 extra contacts which causes many logistical problems. Many of these rigs pull into and out of the stall barns while we are trying to unload new arrivals………….you get the picture. If we can reduce the number of folks leaving and coming back by 50%, we have done our staff and other inconvenienced ropers a big favor.


Generally we were really pleased with the Facebook entry system even though it has been a learning curve for us and I know for you. The learning curve was a little sharper for a few folks who posted entries in general postings, in the results for ropings, as Facebook messages and even on Facebook comments at our website. That didn’t work out very well, as the ropers who followed the instructions got in and those invalid entries did not.


The reason that we went with this system is that it time stamps every posted entry.  Unfortunately, it takes Facebook over 24 hours to give the minute time stamp. You can go into photos on Facebook and look at the entries on the 11, 10, etc., and see what we are talking about.  You won’t see the 13, and two 12’s there as we screen shot them and deleted the post to stop folks from continuing to enter (our learning curve). We discovered that we should have left them up so that everyone could see them and see why they missed the cut.  In hind site, this would have saved us taking  phone calls and messages from nearly everyone that missed the cut. Nevertheless, The folks that didn’t make the cut in the 13 and 12’s  was very minimal , a few more in the 10 and 11, and minimal in the #9.


The way Facebook time stamps those entries is what we go by, but of course we have ropers who believe if their name appeared at the top of the list or on a certain page, that they were in. That wasn’t quite the case. With nearly 100 entries hitting that server instantly, it takes the Facebook server a little time to sort them out.  It appears that it takes at least 24 hours for notification.


I want to remind you what we said before we started, that we would allow 210 to enter which allows 10 to change their mind or not show up to pay in time.  Those ropings might have a few more teams than the 210, as we didn’t’ want the sponsors and some of our contractors from counting against you. Team reserving spots will need to be paid in cash the day before the roping, so the rosters can be built overnight and posted. When you pay your entries is the time you can specify to the entry secretary whether you want to be in the 1st or 2nd rotation of the qualifier. It goes unsaid that the Finale ropings are your main focus and we will make conflict adjustments in the qualification arena if possible, but not in the main Finale.


With that said I want to make one really strong point here. These qualifiers were additional entertainment for you and I have stated our motive above. With that said, we have had a few folks quite upset who didn’t make the cut demanding proof of our time stamps, claiming that we manipulated the draw.  From my perspective, roping in these Finale events, the richest ropings in the history of the cowboy world, is what this event is all about every year. These qualifiers have never been here before and may not be here next year.  Should a roper get so bent over missing the cut on these little qualifier jackpots, then I won’t have any hesitation at all to send their Finale entries back and draw them out. We refunded more money a few weeks back to incomplete and TBA teams than what these six little qualification ropings will pay. Just saying…….

#13 Qualifier - Mon, Dec 8, 8:00 am

#12 #1 Qualifier - Mon, Dec 8, estimated 1:00 pm

#12 #2 Qualifier - Tues, Dec 9, estimated 1:00 pm

#11 Qualifier - Wed, Dec 10, estimated 1:00 pm

#10 Qualifier - Thur, Dec 11, estimated 1:00 PM

#9 Qualifier - Fri, Dec 12, estimated 1:00 pm

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