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Posted on Oct 27, 2014

#11 Heartland Pays $163,200


Despite it being the end of the year, this Stephenville roping still put up huge numbers, with the biggest roping being the last Heartland roping, the #11. Team Ropers came in hot, hoping to earn that last chance to rope in the Vegas Finale. With the seasons starting to change, you could really feel it in Texas. The first day was 90 degrees and the next day was a cool 60 degrees with wind, and there were quite a few horses bucking, not used to the weather changes. 

Hope Thompson and Sid Cervantes were the big winners, taking home $33, 070 and Cactus saddles, but the big story was how close 2nd and 3rd place were, as the two teams were only separated by .19 seconds and a $5,090 difference. Thompson had a great weekend, as she was also the winner of the #11 Heartland Consolation, splitting another $5000. A large number of the ropers that qualified decided to be a part of the 2014 WSTR Finale, and earned that last chance at the big cash in Vegas. We are excited to see you all in Vegas, less than 2 months away!

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