Nevada Department of Agriculture VSV Protocols

Nevada Department of Agriculture

ATTENTION ALL WSTR FINALE TEAM ROPERS. Current health and Coggins are a MUST to get onto the South Point property to compete. Due to recent outbreaks of VSV, the following health paper protocols will be strongly enforced by Nevada State health officials during the check-in process. For horses coming into Nevada from EVERYWHERE WITH EXCEPTION TO CALIFORNIA, a 30 day health certificate will be valid. ALL Horses and/or cattle COMING FROM CALIFORNIA, you MUST HAVE A 7-DAY HEALTH CERTIFICATE.

VSV Protocols

  • 7 day health certificate for horses & cattle coming from a state with outbreaks (California currently)
    • 7-day health certificate verbiage on it:
      I have examined all the animals identified on this certificate within seven (7) days of shipment date and have found them to be free from signs of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV). During the last fourteen (14) days, these animals have not been exposed to VSV nor located on a VSV confirmed or a VSV suspected premises.
  • All other horses from states besides California must have 30 day health certificate
  • WSTR show staff checks the paperwork
  • Website to track outbreaks: