Posted on May 19, 2014
 Our original idea was that we would take care of all the Legacies by the middle of the year:  we could get all their rooms, stalls and entries squared away and have the final five months for everyone else. Over time the problem kept escalating to a point where the amount of attention the Legacies were demanding appeared to dominate two thirds of our time in October and November. Most of our Legacies were happy to comply with the entry deadline, but judging from the number of Legacies that seemed upset they actually had to follow the deadline, probably over due putting the pricing penalty into place.

If you are a Legacy roper that has missed the May 31st entry deadline?

Legacy Entries are now closed.   Entries postmarked after May 31st or incomplete entries (one side paid) are considered standard direct entries.  Direct entry fees postmarked after June 1st are $2250/roper. The additional $250/roper is added to the pot and is not a late fee.
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