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Posted on Mar 7, 2013
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Roping Reports

Plenty of ropers to make the Finale cattle look really good. Nice eent

Loveland, CO
No complaints, but weather fouled this one a little.

Shawnee, OK
Decent turn out considering it was held the same time as the 40+ finals.


Chowcilla, CA
Fairly small, but good.

Wickenburg, AZ
Good roping, but few comments on cattle.

Tulare, CA
Small but good.

Stephenville, TX
Great turnout, the Longhorn and Circle T have be huge the last couple of years.


Good roping, no complaints

Rustin, LA

Good roping no complaints.

Gill, CO

Small roping but plenty of good cattle.


Norco, CA

No complaints on this one.

Amarillo, TX

Nice turn out, raised plenty of money for the charity. New set of steers.

Hugo, OK

Good roping, no complaints.

Good roping, no complaints

Santa Fe, NM

Another of the late summer ropings. Ropings were all well under 100, but nice roping, and Flake cattle were very good.

Salinas, CA

This was a good roping but one of the weaker ones produced there this year. None of the ropings went over 100 teams as there was some type of regional finals in the area.

Rustin, LA

Good roping. Boys said cattle were good for this time of year and they were giving reruns where they should.

GIll, CO

Another small but good roping. The Rappels have been doing a good job all year, but Colorado just doesn't have the roper population it once did.

Guthrie, OK

With Hamilton getting 280 in their Heartland 13,  the Lazy E staff weren't really sure what would happen with the Heartland #9. They had hoped to top 200 teams, but were satisfied with the 168 that they got. And clearly ropers that attended were sure there would have probably been another 40 or 50 had it not rained all night an all day. Nevertheless, this was a very nice roping. Jeff Smith sent some handpicked steers over for the E. Of course good steers in a #9 roping can be good or bad depending on your point of view. About half of the USTRC contractors bring in their older practice type cattle for the #9 which makes many happy, and some aggravated that we " didn't get good cattle like the rest of the roping". Then when they bring in good cattle for the #9 we receive complaints that we don't have the horses or the skill to rope those kind of cattle. Barrier was real short, and flagger giving reruns, but still took two calls that cattle were too tough. Received 6 emails stating how great the cattle were. One side mention, second call in the consolation drew a steer that exited the chute ran from the roping chute in a dead straight line toward the left rear corner of the arena. The header on this run pulled up and looked at the flagger as if they deserved a rerun. I guess the question has evolved to the point that some ropers think if the steer doesnt run straight down the arena, a rerun is warranted??????? We were all scratching our heads.

Pendleton, OR

Had a very nice roping, small but a few hundred teams larger than last year. It appears that ropers in the Northwest are slowly beginning to embrace the concept. Thanks to the Lyman's for hanging in there.

Ciconio, Italy

Nice turn out in Cinconio. Normally this roping has only one division, but this year added a #10. The #9 has been steadily growing and this year had 84 teams at $100/roper. The all girl had nearly 48 teams. It appears there will be at least 6 ropers from Europe that will make the big trip to Vegas, including a couple of French ropers. Mike has set up some practice and training sessions for the Europeans when they arrive in the states. We had a couple of ropers from California that made the big trip to play in Europe. According to attendees nicest set of cattle they have roped. Hats off to Mike Crouch continuing to push introduction of team roping to Europe. 


Surprisingly this roping had a nice turn out especially after he huge qualifier the week before in Hamilton.  Reports were generally good, but heard a few complaints concerning a chute with a slick platform in it, that caused the steers to break funny. Understand that the chute was replaced by Sunday.


Prescott, AZ

Good roping, beautiful weather, good cattle. The fresh nature of these cattle opened up the short rounds and made everything seem really a lot slower than it was. Major melt down in the 11 roping, with twelve misses in the short round.

Salado, TX

Resitol roping was completed with positive reviews. Unfortunately turn out for the featured event was down considerably. Still ropers in attendance had a good time and vowed to come back.

Las Cruces, NM

Nice roping, little smaller than some expected. Also comments were that many of the upper ropers had traveled toward Hamilton, and those upper number divisions were a little down.

Hamilton, TX

This was a huge roping and the payoff went extremely high. Cattle were good so gotta say one of better qualifiers of the year.

Dodge City, KS

Nice roping, great cattle. The higher divisions had a little lower team count than expected, in part due to the Heartland 13.

Levelland, TX

Nice roping, decent turn out for the event.

Selesia, MT

Nice roping, turn outs have been a little soft around Bozeman. There is lots of competition for the dollar

Morgan Hill, CA

Good roping, very good cattle. Beautiful setting in the little rolling hills of Morgan Hill. Arena was set up very nice, no complaints .

Athens, TX

Really nice roping, as James Watson officially took over production. Plenty of very good cattle at this one.

Heber, UT

Good roping here, Tommy Lee sent in a nice set of steers and we received quite a few compliments on them. Ropers welcomed Quinn home from his mission.

Guthrie, OK

Felt pretty good to see hear all the compliments going to the Colorado roping, counterbalanced this one a bit. Yes they gave tons of reruns to make it fair for the ropers, but phone rang off the hook, evidently the trashiest set of cattle anyone has seen all year. Word we had is that more reruns were awarded in the 13 and 12 roping, than all the other events produced by this contractor during the last year.  Preparation was poor.

Gill, CO

The Rappels came on board this year and doing an outstanding job with cattle and production. A shame the VS scare in this county kept the teams away, not that this time of year in Colorado is major but just so you know, these were the kind of letters we received, made us very proud......" I wanted to you know I went to Rapells yesterday. Best run roofing I've been to in a long time. Good Cattle, free food, free water, free sodas, what a breath of fresh air! Tim Doherty

Albuqeruqe, NM

Good roping, nice cattle , decent turnout for this area. Mathews Cattle has continued to pick up their game the last few years. Really starting to develop a following on the plains and south Texas.

Pocatello, ID

This was the biggest roping yet in Pocatello, with every roping in the 200 team category. Great production, Tibbits ropings are increasing in size dramatically in this region. Heavy rains in the area caused this one to go inside Cover All for the duration. Congrats to this crew.

Show Low, AZ

Small but very nice roping. Outstanding arena, each year this facility improves, and it is really starting to attract the vacation destination crowd. Always cool and sprinkley this time of year, and new cover built behind the arena to protect ropers. Good cattle, little on the strong side for the very lowest divisions, but still complaints were very few.  Huge improvement in the quality of The Roping Company productions the last couple of year


Stephenville, TX

This was the big daddy. Largest qualification event we ever for WSTR, the ropings averaging right at 400 teams per division, over 2000 teams for a qualifier. It was oppressively hot , yet the ropers kept coming out of the woodwork. Troy and company had their hands full shuttling cattle in and out of the Lone Star Arena, with the heat, keeping an competitive herd for this large a roping was a task. According to Troy, Nick Coats was the hero, brought  120 head of cattle late and saved the day.

Salinas, CA

Good roping, the cattle these boys bought for the Reno roping are still popular with the Californians.  Received quite a few favorable emails on this event.

Pasco, WA

Good roping in the far NW , nearly 180 teams larger than last year. This was kind of the first sign we are starting develop a little niche up an that area.

Amarillo, TX

This was a good roping. Mathews group were pretty disappointed that they numbers were down as Stephenville appeared to pull the steam off this one. We obviously have to make a scheduling change of some type so our ropings don't compete with each other. Still the cattle were great and very professionally run event.

Medicine Hat, AB

Good roping here. Numbers were up a little over last year, Canadians appear ready for Vegas.

Cheyenne, WY

This roping keeps getting stronger each year. Two good herds of cattle, one native and one corriente, both got praises. It goes on during the Frontier Days and is definitely a vacation destination. Five or six new hotels since last year made people pretty happy. Some speculation that the roping would be off, the USTRC offered a qualifier identical to WSTR ropings in Colorado Springs for 90% payback. It did not appear that this effort changed the participants much, Cheyenne was up a little and Colorado Springs was up a little. So it appears the schedule feud had no bearing on the ropers.

Ada, OK

General consensus was this was maybe the largest and best qualifier we have held in OK. Got lots of emails and phone calls praising this one. Phillip Teague has always done an outstanding job producing these ropings, this time he passed the lead to James Watson and his crew. Don't know what the future holds in store, but based on the Watson's first one, looks really good.

Livingston, MT

This is turning into a vacation destination witnessing all the out of state license plates. They were needed, as Wrangler put on a qualifier in Bozeman the week before that was big and while this qualifier was up a little from last year, could have been a big jump.  The special fees #10 was a big hit and a great roping. The Lyman's work their tales off and we expect this one to keep increasing. Great set of natives in this roping, took a few complaints that it took em too long to get the five or six speed burners out of this herd.

Williams, AZ

Rain looming all weekend, but their numbers held pretty solid from last year. Few complaints, appears another good Fuller Production.

Tularosa, NM

Small but good team roping. It was pretty clear that the Midland/Odessa and west Texas ropers chose San Angelo over Tularosa. Part of Troy's staff was in California helping with the Madonna roping, still the remaining staff did their usual good job.

San Angelo, TX

Got a huge turnout, biggest turn out on the 4th. We don't put on that many in west Texas, so this one got some support. This roping was not scheduled for the last two years as a result of a poor production three years ago.  We received probably a half dozen compliments that this was  one of the better ITRA's. Think they were letting us know they want this event.

Madonna Inn, CA

This one generated quite a few phone calls.  A lot of the ropers showed up expecting the BFI cattle, when they got an older herd (primarily the cattle used at the Arizona qualifiers this winter),  phone pretty well lit up.  But as such, this one was a little beyond the normal California curve. Production was good.

Claresholm, AB

We assume this was a good one, we did not receive a single complaint, which is rather unusual.


Amarillo, TX

In the early years of WSTR Amarillo was a tough sell, but since that time, it has become the bread and butter location for WSTR. While we were touting Jackson Hole as one of the larger ropings in the NW, Amarillo had an identical team count. Took a few complaints and score length and cattle, but generally reports were the cattle were good and production was good.

Jackson Hole, WY

Another really good one, just slightly larger than last year. Weather was really cool on the first day with ropers wearing coats. Ben and his crew did a great job. Boat loads of ropers were seen fishing on monday morning on the Snake, this is certainly a vacation destination.

Reno, NV

First time at the Ironwood arena and seems it was a success. The crew at the Ironwood worked hard to make things go smoothly and they have plenty of ideas for next year. The cattle were excellent, and this was a good roping. Most of the complaints we received were about the concession stand. Anytime the concession stand becomes the main area of complaint, we know it was a nice event.

Miles City, MT

Small but good qualifier.

Gill, CO

First day of the roping was small and the second day a little larger. Nevertheless, the Rappells got raves from the contestants over cattle management, and used a two flag set up similar to the Finale to make decisions on reruns. Yes we noticed the effort.

Graham, TX

Last year we reported that this was biggest horse event ever held at the Graham facility. It appears this one was even larger and by all reports a great roping. The weather cooperated and in fact the heat went up 10 degrees the following week. The #12 Heartland was ridiculous with 238 team, paid great.

Heber, UT

Beautiful weather, great facility, but rather small turnout. Double Dollar sold their herd following this event, and will return for the final summer event in August.

Powell Butte, OR

This was number two at Powell Butte and surprisingly this one did not grow. There was a competing roping in the area, so we have hopes for next year. Fresh new steers, very sweet, and complimented by the upper divisions. A few #9 teams didn't care for em. Cant win on that deal, we get complaints every week when a contractor puts his older slower steers in the 9?

Heber, UT

Pretty small qualifier, but the facility was great, weather outstanding. Only complaints that we received concerned a weird #8 run in conjunction with the #9 qualifier. They didn't care for it much.

Graham, TX

Another great Shelley production. They had to work pretty hard on cattle the first day, but we received a lot of positive reports.

Porterville, CA

Good roping. Steve introduced his new steers to the qualifier and got quite a few kudos on that. 

Morristown, TN

Anything you see back east is going to be small, since it is a long way to Vegas. Nevertheless, we are starting to hear a little buzz back that way. When they see John Johnson win one of his own ropings, its great advertising.

Ft St John, BC

These guys are amazing, every year they add money. This year they added $30,000. Probably one of the most complimented qualifiers that we have seen.

Belle Fourche, SD

Nice turn out, we didn't hear much , but all that we did hear was positive.


Pueblo, CO

This was one of those "rest of the story" ropings. Two weeks before absolutely got clobbered at Vegas, over the poor production. Fast forward Pueblo, same cattle, same production, different flagger, much different story. Did receive couple of complaints on lack of reruns.

Sinton, TX

Not as large as some we produce in Texas, but the first time down south. Also received quite a few compliments to Mathews land and cattle on the production.

Show Low, AZ

This was a nice roping. The weather didn't cooperate much, wet, cold, dry, wind, etc. Half the cattle herd got compliments, the other half not so much.

Homedale, ID

This one drew quite a few compliments. 

Andrews, TX

Good roping, very few complaints. A couple of complaints on the cattle in the lower number divisions.

Selesia, MT

Good roping but the team count was down a little from the year before. Apparently other ropings in the area split the baby a little.

Salina, UT

Good roping we received several phone calls from ropers that were highly critical of these cattle at Heber, that said they were outstanding at Salina.

Las Vegas, NM

Quite a few complaints on cattle for a roping this size. Many complaints on the cattle in the 13 and 12 was that they were extremely fresh and not completely broke in. Still another larger group felt that it was lack of sort, and the barrier was not set correctly. Complaints on an in experienced flagger which multiplied the re-run issues. All in all, a small roping with a disproportionate number of complaints, which greatly diminished the fun factor that we try to push. 

Las Cruces, NM

Nice turnout for this qualifier. In the first few years of WSTR we overproduced the Las Cruces area and for a while could not draw many teams here. This is the second event in two years that has been pretty nice, and it appears Mathews and company have found a home. They waived the hat rule pretty early here, with major "breezes".

Livermore, CA

California has been getting good turnouts this year. However, the cattle situation has been critical and Livermore was a major turning point, as the target of "no heifers" was finally accomplished. But still this herd was subpar, and hopefully the introduction of a new herd of corrientes this month will elevate the experience at these. We are still receiving periodic complaints on arena control, and will keep the pressure up on this. 

Torrington, WY

Moderate size on this weekend despite the freak May snowstorm that cause the road between Torrington and Cheyenne to be closed. Have been getting quite a few positive comments this season concerning the number and quality of the Mountain States cattle. On the other side received quite a few complaints on this one concerning the sort. Most of the complainants said the cattle were nice, but felt their was too much reliance on the WS barrier and not enough speed sort. Our interpretation, a few of the teams were getting pushed to the back.

McAlester, OK

Good turn out at this one, Oklahoma has been showing a little strength lately. We say that surprisingly as Oklahoma has twenty three major ropings per year and probably another 200 little jackpots. We have been pretty stable for a few years, so the early increases this season have us curious?

Monroe, LA

Several encouraging comments from ropers that attended and liked this qualifier. Natie always seems to get good reviews, but we just haven't seen any major growth in that area. Nevertheless, really appreciate the hard core that like this format.

Memphis, TN

Just the week before we reported some respectable number for JX2 in Florida, and this one was up quite a bit over last year also. This roping was conducted in its entirety on a friday and evidently someone liked it, we had six ropers from Memphis that drove to the West Monroe and four ropers that drove to McAlester, OK. 

Ponoka, AB

Nice turnout here overall team count was up roughly 10% over last year. We received no reports good or bad on this qualifier.

Billings, MT

The Northern States Invitational had to be moved to a back up arena due to bad weather. No doubt the weather on this weekend had an impact on the event size. Still the roping had right at 90 teams in it and paid extremely well. We received several emails thanking us for sanctioning the event with the Tryan's.

Riverside, CA

This roping was roughly the same size as last year, just a little larger. Have not had too many reports, but at this time, appears it was a good qualifier. Several complaints that the parking lot was a little rough ( evidently cowboy parking diminished the capacity a bunch).

Dillon, MT

This roping was switched a little earlier than last year (memorial weekend) , and pretty sure that next weeks roping in Billings may have had a little impact. Overall the roping was down 200 teams, but teams that were there reported a good roping, and enjoyed.

Hamilton, TX

Has been big for WSTR the past couple of years and this one was no exception. Last year we held a Heartland with this event, but it was so large, we decided to do the Heartland at another time.  Reports were all really good.

Jacksonville, FL

These ropings all ranged from 40 to 75 teams per division, which was a very strong showing as opposed to last year. The fact that this event was held in its entirety on Friday, and based on that , looks like JX2 is starting to get some traction on WS ropings in this area. Couple of complaints on cattle, but back east is a completely different game.



First time qualifier in Kansas and by all accounts a good one. Did not receive any complaints ( which we like). This is a brand new building and we received such great first time support, we may sanction  another qualifier in this area. 

Czech Republic

This was our first qualifier in this country and Mike Crouch went the extra mile for these folks. He put on a school and made sure that the cattle were decent. They used a local fair type breed of muleys with plastic horns. Their was a little festival going on near the facility, so the contestants had about 300 spectators to root for them .

Ogden, UT

Good turn out on this one, and as many people that called to complain about Heber, we had an equal number that called and said the cattle were perfect. In fact, about half the people that complained on round one, called bad after this one to make sure we knew everything in Utah was fine.

Globe, AZ

Most of these ropings were over 200 teams which is pretty good for this time of the year. Weather wasn't great, but we did not receive any complaint on this one.

Albuquerque, NM

Very nice turnout for Albuquerque this time of the year. Again, great reports on the Mathews cattle.

Andrews, TX

Strong turn out for this neck of the woods. Great report on the Mathews cattle. Two or three compliments that this was one of the better Tully qualifiers.

Bull Head City, AZ

Big River AVI - This roping has always signaled the absolute last qualifier before the last batch of snowbirds head home. Good qualifier, no complains.

Homedale, ID

Pretty good news, as we only received one complaint. It involved a rerun int he short round, after going through it with all parties, strong support that the contractor made the right call.

Sterling, CO

These ropings were all pretty small. The first day numbers were low for Colorado, and the bad weather came in the next day and only the brave stayed to rope. Thanks to those of you that salvaged Sunday.

Lake Charles, LA 

Natie works it as hard as any producer, and landed his usual 75 to 125 team counts . No complaints, two compliments.

Shawnee, OK

Received a few compliments on the cattle. Received a few negative complaints concerning the score length. But overall very well pleased at the size of this one, it grew.

Sanger, CA

Good turnout, took a few complaints concerning cattle, but also received some positive reports.

Heber, UT

Double Dollar raises its own cattle, and we pretty well had an onslaught of phone calls on monday morning following this event. A lot of complaints that they steers simply had not been broke in correctly, and way too many had to be drug out of the arena, and/or got too wild and too strong for the lower divisions. Double Dollar promised they would be perfect for the next event.

Salado, TX

Reports were that this was a good roping. Their team counts were down a little from last year and this is really the only one we have seen like this in the past couple of years, but then again, you can't always just keep going upward. Took a few complaints on the cattle that they were not speed sorted, and were a little tough. Nevertheless, overall feedback was positive.


Pasco, WA  

This one may have been just a touch early as the team counts were not real strong. We took several complaints on cattle, but just very glad to have a qualification roping in that area.

Las Vegas, NV

Perfect 10 - this roping is maturing and even though they had reduced the entries from four to three, they were still filled and paid this year. As always we received lots of complaints about the lack of rotations, but  everyone knows up front that there will be no rotations, so the complaints fall on deaf ears. This family does one production per year, and the management and extra cattle needed to rotate this, is not worth the effort. Dynamite Arena cattle were used and it appeared that the speed and size fit the handicap level of this roping.

Gillette, WY

Surprisingly large turn out in Gillette for this time of year. Heard lots of compliments on the cattle, Travis Tryan brought their great set of Mexicans up from Texas. This was the same set that was used at the Big Texas 12.  He used one set of fresh steers in the #12, that drew a little criticism, but everyone was so tickled with the main herd, the complaints in the 12 were all qualifier.

Amarillo, TX

Wiley Hicks Memorial was a big success and raised quite a bit of money for charity. James went with an enter once special fees and some of these ropings didn't fill to his limit. In conducting the follow up with ropers that attended, enter once was more the culprit than the price. Mathews cattle got lots of compliments at this one.

Alvarado, TX

This is the last Shelley Production roping in Texas that does not have two arenas. For this reason he went special   fees to limit team counts, and apparently it worked well. His ropings were all roughly half and little less in size than normal qualifiers. Nevertheless, we got good reports on the roping and several emails from ropers that loved the size and time commitment.

Eaton, CO

Nice roping, last year Lance got clobbered over cattle. From all reports his cattle have been very good this spring. Still get a few complaints concerning add on ropings, and draw pot ropings following these events, but our response has been consistent.........can't help you concerning non-wstr qualifiers.

Trementon, UT

First time in this new facility and it looks like this is going to be a great location and ropers enjoyed the new facility. There were ropers from as far north as Billings, Mt (475 miles)and from St. George, Ut(375 miles). So it appears to be a good location.The cattle were good. First roping on fresh set of Mexicans that will also be at Homedale in April. The cattle used in the 10 and 9 were another set that had been to a few ropings.  They were good also, maybe too good in the 10 with close to 60% catch ratio before short round. They were slower than normal since the pens  were very mucky at the facility and the cattle were tired and had not laid down for 2 days. 

Buckeye, AZ

There will be Arizona qualifiers occurring each and every month, nevertheless, the March Buckeye qualifier is always considered the last of the Snowbird ropings occurring in the winter. The falloff from the February qualifier to the March qualifier is always very obvious, still this was a good qualifier. The rain storm the week prior left plenty of water pooled up around the facility, and did warrant removal of some mud from the outside arena during the week. One interruption occurred during the 15 to turn more sand into the footing. Of course thats the reason for warm up type ropings. Took a few complaints on cattle sort. Cattle at the end of the winter run (most contract cattle) are not quite as even or crisp, and that is pretty well valley wide. Some are a little more forgiving, others thought sort could have been more aggressive.  They used three different herds among the divisions and depending which one you were in, you might have had a different perspective. General consensus on five divisions and 4,000 runs was mostly positive.

Tulare, CA

Good turnout. Took a few complaints on cattle, but the office made some calls and general consensus was they were middle of the road jackpot cattle. Received the usual complaints about arena control, but we gave em a pass as it was raining and the only option was to utilize the arena.

Warner, OK

After how the weather limited the Grove qualifier, it was hoped mother nature would spare Warner. And day one was decent with roughly 100 team divisions, but during the night the ice storm moved in and by Sunday morning it was 15, wind chill below zero, and roughly 20 teams a division. To be honest no one could believe we got twenty teams per division.  There are still some tough old boys out there.


Stephenville, TX

Was another barn burner with the majority of these divisions all over 400 teams. We asked the contractor what the spring could hold if we are over four hundred in February, and all he would say was "scary".

Title Fights - Cave Creek

These limited entry ropings always generate a few negative calls at the office ( anytime there are ropers that want in, and can't get in) It is understandable as this was an excellent roping, with catch ratios in nearly every roping at least 10% higher. Every roping paid over $20,000 to win.

Loveland, CO

Nice roping in Loveland, the facility is always great. Cattle were good and numbers were up a little across the board from last year.

Grove, OK

Weather has been brutal in OK this winter and Mackey nearly canceled the event one week prior, but when the weather warmed up, decided to go through with it. Turn out was still pretty light.

Amarillo, TX

A lot of good compliments on this roping. First of the year at the National and it appears MC# gave it a good start. The Hicks special fees roping is next on tap in late March. But this is following the Title Fights formula and will only have roughly a hundred teams in each division.

Canutillo, TX

The roping itself was fine, but turn out was low. There was a benefit roping in T or C, and the Businessman's roping was on its monthly scheduling.  We take responsibility for the size of this roping. The El Paso area is a hard location and there just aren't enough ropers in the area to split the baby.

Salado, TX

Great turn out in Salado, and a good roping. Richest special fees roping so far this year. We received quite a few complaints concerning the new cattle. No complaints about the cattle themselves, opinions were split between those that thought the score was set wrong, and those that thought management should have done more before and during to keep the herd even.

Buckeye, AZ

Huge roping with nearly every division just under 400 teams and the #10 became the largest $150 qualifier of the year passing the 400 team mark. General consensus was this was a very good roping. The number of teams caused the steers to separate a bit, we received a few complaints on the cattle, also a couple of complaints on flagging.

King City, CA

Good qualifier, received not complaints.


Hamilton, TX

Good qualifier, two arena set up. received no complaints on cattle.

Casa Grande, AZ

Good roping, two arena set up. Cattle were good.

Chowchilla, CA

Decent turnout for the first event of the year. Received no compliments or complaints so we assume a good qualifier.

Texarkana, TX

Grew a little from last year. Natie got compliments from those in attendance. No complaints  from this event, so we assume a good qualifier.

Clovis, NM

Big turn out in Clovis, more than ever before, of course when that happens you receive complaints on warm-up ropings. One of the warm-ups went to 3am on friday night, and of course we had little sympathy for those made the decision to play. Two sets of cattle were used,  upper ropings received kudos, those used on the bottom ropings created some complaints. 


Mesquite, NV

We haven’t seen the results on this roping at this time. Ben called in during the event a said his calculation of having this roping on a Monday through the first was probably not a good idea. At that point in time he felt the numbers would be very light and have not heard anything at this point to indicate that it is different.

Phoenix Qualifier

This has always been a big one and sound like that had another good one here. They used the Twisselman cattle from the Finale and the times were extremely brisk. From everyone we talked to it appears that the catch ratio was up and the times on all of these ropings reflected the cattle.


Lariat Bowl, Salado, TX

From the calls we received this was a very good qualifier. The weather was great and, considering that there were 9 team ropings occurring with 200 miles,  they had a decent turn out on this New Year's weekend date.   We took numerous calls at the office praising the Austin Robertson roping cattle.   The big super qualifier in the 11 paid $106,000. Overall the qualifier paid out $271,000.


World Series of Team Roping Finale 8

To hear producers of big ropings talk, you would think that every roping they produce was great or the greatest. I guess we aren’t any different and like to think we have produced some of the best ropings in history. In the last 8 years of producing the World Series Finales we have been pretty proud of the product we have presented you.  Over the years some of these events (behind the scenes) weren’t quite as smooth as we liked, nevertheless, we did a good job of never missing a beat and keeping the upper 90 percentile pretty happy.


The 2013 version of WSTR made us pretty proud.  We had plenty of parking,  solved the traffic problems around South Point as a result of controlling the day trippers.  We had two horse shuttles and three LIMOs hauling people. We still have a shortage of stalls, but that is not something that will be solved in the near future.


The cattle were fabulous….none of us could ever remember a herd this large and this even. They were so good that catch ratios were 10% higher than normal.  We had a couple of hundred head we were going to run in round two of the #10 and in the #9 roping, but the bad weather had taken a toll on them. After the 10 was over we changed our minds and decided not to use the back up herd.  The Twissleman cattle were outstanding and there was little need for reruns,  all ropings went extremely smooth.


Certainly there were two or three teams that requested reruns that did not receive them, and they would probably present an argument to our contention that there was NO controversy at this event. Nevertheless, there was no controversy from our point of view, and after nearly 9,000 runs, we were actually amazed at the lack of conflict. The first 7 million dollar roping will go down in our books as the very best we can remember producing.  I think we will hold off singing that Lyle Lovett song, “it’s all down hill from here”,  unitl we determine if we have another good one or two in us.

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